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    Tracked Feller Buncher

    John Deere track feller bunchers outrun expectations. They are built on over 180 years of groundbreaking innovation, backed by more than a half-century of experience in the woods, and designed with proven components to withstand rugged environments, such as steep slope logging and swamp logging. Explore standard and long-reach boom options, multiple attachment choices and long and wide undercarriages for greater stability.

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    Explore Tracked Feller Buncher Models

    Features and Specifications

    When buying a tracked feller buncher, understanding the features and specifications is essential to ensure you choose the suitable machine for your forestry operations. In this section, we'll explore some key features and specifications to consider:

    Cutting Head

    The cutting head is a crucial component of a feller buncher, responsible for efficiently felling and cutting trees. Consider the cutting head's capacity, design, and durability to ensure it can handle the size and type of trees you'll be working with.

    Engine Power

    Engine power determines the machine's cutting efficiency and overall performance. A powerful engine with sufficient horsepower and torque ensures smooth operation and productivity in challenging forestry conditions.

    Operating Weight

    The operating weight of a tracked feller buncher impacts its stability and ability to maneuver in various terrains. Consider the importance of the machine to ensure it is suitable for the environment you'll be operating in, balancing stability and maneuverability.


    Mobility is essential for a feller buncher to navigate different forestry terrain conditions. Evaluate the machine's track design, ground clearance, and traction to ensure it can handle the uneven ground, steep slopes, and rough forest terrain with ease.

    Cab Comfort

    The operator's comfort is crucial for long hours of operation. Consider the design of the cab, including ergonomic controls, adjustable seating, climate control, and visibility, to provide a comfortable and productive working environment for the operator.

    Attachment Versatility

    Attachment versatility allows you to adapt the feller buncher to different forestry tasks. Look for a machine that offers a range of compatible attachments, such as other cutting heads or additional tools, to maximize its versatility and usability.


    This refers to the ease of maintenance and access to components for routine servicing. Consider features such as easily accessible maintenance points, user-friendly maintenance procedures, and the availability of service and support to ensure the machine can be serviced efficiently.

    FAQs about John Deere Tracked Feller Buncher

    What kind of John Deere feller buncher model should I order?

    There are three models available on the market, the 803M, the 853M and the 859M. Each one has tracks to help you traverse the woods. Check out the individual specifications for each model to help you determine which machine will meet your needs the best.

    How is the stability increased in newer models?

    This John Deere feller buncher for sale has the ability to move along steep terrain, snow and swamps because of the strong tractive effort. The undercarriage is also longer and wider to offer exceptional stability with a low center of gravity.

    How does this feller buncher improve operator efficiency?

    The rapid cycle system included on these models offers operators the ability to program preferences for speed based on their experience level. A floor-to-ceiling front window and oversized side windows in the cab provide an excellent view of the harvesting area to improve productivity.

    Does the cab offer comfort for the operator?

    These models come with ergonomically shaped seats to reduce back pain from sitting all day. Your operators will also enjoy the suspension and armrest shape. A Bluetooth radio is included and, if you work in a colder climate, an optional heated and ventilated seat can be added.

    Is financing available for this machinery?

    If your company doesn't have the budget to buy new equipment, you can apply for financing through the website or talk to your local dealer. Financing can be used for the machine, additional parts, maintenance and repair. Create a personalized plan for your business with a lender.

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