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    Target Zero

    Target Zero is a program designed with the Safety ME mindset for the overall safety of each employee. Doggett views safety as a core value and is dedicated to preventing accidents, eliminating hazards, and mitigating unsafe acts. Target Zero is the designation awarded to locations that achieve zero incidents in a calendar year.

    What is Safety M∑?

    We believe safety starts with M∑ and ends with M∑.  It is M∑ who controls the safety of M∑ and others around M∑. The M stands for a mode which is a number that appears most often in a set of numbers, our teams strive for Zero accidents. The ∑ is the eighteenth letter in the Greek alphabet upper case ∑, and lower case ∂ both represent sigma.  Sigma is a diverse symbol with many different implications depending upon the application.  In physics, the quantum field theory represents the contribution to the particle's energy, or effective mass, due to interactions between the particle and the system it is part of. We are all particles that make up mass, we control our mass and the energy around us

    Target Zero Recognition

    Qualifications for our locations are that they must work a calendar year without any recordable injuries or significant property/auto incidents. We have several locations that have reached four-year achievements, which is commendable in this industry. In 2023, we had a total of 12 Doggett - John Deere locations and 26 Doggett dealerships that qualified for our annual Target Zero award!

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