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    SmartGrade Technology

    SmartGrade Technology

    John Deere's Precision Construction technology solutions help you get more done, more efficiently. Our suite of advanced technologies help optimize your machines, your uptime, and your jobsites, ultimately leading to improved profits. Amplify these advantages with John Deere Connected Support, teaming with your dealer for powerful machine monitoring, remote diagnostics, and guidance from expert technology specialists



    With John Deere you can adopt integrated grade management technology at your own pace. Choose from 2D Grade Guidance all the way up to SmartGrade™ 3D Grade Control. And upgrade at any time. So you're free from stakes and strings, overdigging and rework. And to build exacting bids that win jobs and deliver margins. All backed by John Deere's legendary dealer network. This is the smarter way forward.

    SmartGrade AR Experiences

    John Deere Driver

    Built to Make YOU look like a Genius

    Your success depends on your ability to one-up your competition — and grade-control technology has become a must-have tool for maximizing productivity and minimizing daily operating costs. Unlike traditional aftermarket grade-control systems, which are more prone to theft and damage, and take time to set up, John Deere SmartGrade™ machines are built with a purpose. Combining the power of Topcon 3D-MC2 technology with the Deere track load-sensing system, these highly productive crawlers feature a fully integrated grade-control system that is as easy to set up as it is to run.

    Test Your SmartGrade Skills

    Find out what it’s like to run an 872GP SmartGrade Motor Grader just like Wickens Construction!

    Scan the QR code or visit this link on your smartphone to see if you have what it takes.

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