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    Incorporating an easy-to-maintain design and our most rugged axles ever, our L-II Series grapple skidders and cable skidders are reliable and well equipped to handle the toughest forest environments. Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) combines the efficiency of a direct-drive transmission with the smoothness and operating ease of a hydrostatic drive. Choose from a range of box-style tong grapples with serious power and stability. 

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    Features and Specifications

    When buying a skidder, evaluating the machine's features and specifications is essential to ensure that it meets your needs and can perform efficiently and reliably. Some key elements to consider are:


    The number of hours on a skidder is crucial to consider when evaluating its condition and potential lifespan. Generally, a skidder with fewer hours will likely have less wear and tear and may require less maintenance than a skidder with more hours.


    The type of tires on a skidder can impact its performance in different soil and terrain conditions. For example, flotation tires can help prevent sinking in soft or muddy soil, while heavy-duty tires may be necessary for rocky or uneven terrain.


    The blade on a skidder is used for pushing and leveling debris and can impact its versatility and productivity. Look for a skidder with a sturdy, well-designed blade that is easy to maneuver and adjust.


    The frame of a skidder is responsible for supporting the machine's weight and the logs it hauls. Look for a skidder with a durable, well-constructed frame that can withstand the stresses of heavy use.


    The cab of a skidder can impact operator comfort and safety. Look for a skidder with a spacious, well-designed cab that offers good visibility, ergonomic controls, and climate control features.


    The size and power of the machine can impact the skidder's performance and fuel efficiency. Look for a skidder with a reliable, high-performance engine that is appropriate for the size of your operation and the type of terrain you'll be working in.

    All day. Everyday. Simply more reliable.

    Incorporating a less complex, easier-to-maintain design, John Deere L-II Series Forestry Skidders are well equipped to handle the toughest forest environments.

    FAQs about Skidders

    How can I find pricing for skidders?

    While you can visit one of our dealer locations in Texas and Louisiana, you can also request a quote for a log skidder for sale. We offer you an online form that’s easy to feel. Be sure to select “new equipment” from the drop-down list. We will get back to you soon.

    Do you carry track-supported skidders?

    At this time, we do not carry skidders that are supported on tracks? Each John Deere skidder that we carry is supported by wheels. You can click on a product page from our skidders page to see the dimensions for each machine, including wheelbases and ground clearances.

    Are manuals available for log skidders?

    Yes. Go to the product page for the log skidder that you’re interested in. If you scroll down to the bottom of the product page, you’ll see a header for “Resources.” You can download a product guide for that particular machine, as well as manuals and an overall fleet guide for forestry equipment.

    Do you carry used skidders for sale?

    Yes, we do. We encourage you to visit our used equipment page. You can input ”log skidder” into the filter search bar to see which used machines are available. You can also filter results by manufacturer, location, and age of equipment. You can also sort your results to find the right equipment.

    What’s the difference between a log skidder and a forwarder?

    While both pieces of equipment are used to remove logs from where they were cut to a landing page, they do so in different ways. A log skidder typically does so by dragging the logs to their destination, while a forwarder carries them off the ground.

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