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    Expert Alert

    The Power to See Through Iron and Steel

    To maximize the uptime of your equipment, we deliver improved machine health through an advanced dual approach!

    How Expert Alerts Work

    1. A customer cutting grade with an 850K Crawler Dozer didn’t have any indication of an equipment issue. 

    2. However, the customer’s John Deere dealer remotely received an Expert Alert indicating low engine-oil pressure for that machine, but not at a level low enough to trigger a diagnostic trouble code (DTC).

    3. The dealer contacted the customer and received permission to dispatch a technician to replace the pressure-regulating valve.

    John Deere Expert Alert

    Alert Monitoring Process

    Response time is quick, and many times problems can be addressed before they cause downtime. When service technicians do visit the machine, they can often arrive with the parts needed to make the repair already in hand. While our Support Team focuses on addressing issues that may immediately impact you and your fleet, the John Deere Machine Health Monitoring Center continuously analyzes data from thousands of connected machines!

    You Control your Data

    Sharing machine data with us enables levels of support never before possible – but only if that’s what you choose to do. When you entrust your data to John Deere and our subsidiaries through our Data Services and Subscriptions, we safeguard that data and honor the permissions you set for sharing it with others. You can find more information on the John Deere data policy at  

    A Real-World Result

    A proactive part replacement of less than $1,000 saved the customer a $40,000 engine replacement, excessive downtime, and a larger component failure. The Doggett Field Service Technician was sent to the jobsite with the correct solution, part, and tools helped the customer stay on track, and prevented the customer a costly machine repair which could have resulted in a down machine and loss of project dollars.

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