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    Crawler Loader

    Crawler Loader

    Live power turns, on-the-go counter-rotation, infinite speed control, and power management — state-of-the-art controls put you in complete command of a whole arsenal of highly productive hydrostatic (HST) advantages. No wonder John Deere crawler loaders have become an operator favorite.

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    Explore Crawler Loader Models

    Features and Specifications

    Choose a crawler loader that meets your specific requirements and ensures optimal performance in your work environment, considering these features and specifications:

    Bucket Capacity

    Bucket capacity refers to the volume of material the loader bucket can hold. It is an important specification, as it determines how much material the crawler loader can handle in a single scoop. Choose a bucket capacity that aligns with your project requirements and ensures optimal productivity.

    Ground Clearance

    Ground clearance refers to the distance between the lowest point of the crawler loader and the ground. It impacts the machine's ability to navigate uneven terrain and obstacles without getting stuck. The higher ground clearance allows for smoother operation on rough or uneven surfaces.

    Track Width

    Track width refers to the distance between the outer edges of the crawler tracks. It affects the stability and weight distribution of the crawler loader. Consider the track width based on the terrain and work conditions to ensure optimal traction and maneuverability.

    Operating Depth

    Operating depth refers to the maximum depth the crawler loader can excavate or dig. This specification is essential for digging trenches or working in areas with specific depth requirements. Choose a crawler loader with an operating depth suitable for your project needs.

    Blade Width

    Blade width refers to the width of the blade attachment on the front of the crawler loader. The blade is used for pushing and leveling materials. A wider blade allows for more efficient grading and leveling operations but may impact maneuverability in confined spaces.

    Travel Speed

    Travel speed indicates how fast the crawler loader can move across the work site. It affects the overall productivity and efficiency of the machine. Consider the required travel speed based on the distance between work areas and the time constraints of your project.

    Fuel Efficiency

    Fuel efficiency refers to how efficiently the crawler loader utilizes fuel to perform its operations. A fuel-efficient crawler loader can help reduce operating costs and minimize environmental impact. Look for models that offer good fuel efficiency without sacrificing performance.

    John Deere Crawler Loader

    Take Charge


    K-Series Crawler Loaders are designed to meet the most demanding specs — yours. John Deere crawler dozers are loaded with productivity- and uptime-boosting enhancements. Like choice of controls. An extremely smooth hydrostatic drivetrain. Spacious cabs that are quiet and comfortable. And an innovative on-demand cooling system with optional hydraulic reversing fan. Plus our EPA Final Tier 4(FT4)/EU Stage IV-compliant engines that meet rigid emission standards, so you can work everywhere there’s work.

    Boost your bottom line -- Efficient productivity comes standard. 

    John Deere Crawler Loader FAQs

    What model crawler loader should I order?

    There are two models of crawler loader for sale at Doggett. You can choose the 655K or the 755K. Both models have a choice of controls, a comfortable and roomy cab and an on-demand cooling system. The engines meet emissions standards wherever you may need to work.

    What types of hydraulics are available on a John Deere crawler loader?

    Upgrade your fuel efficiency and cooling needs with hydraulically driven fans. You can carry a full load without losing materials when you use the dual-path hydrostatic transmission. Low effort response and control are available through the load-sensing hydraulics and the HST drivetrain.

    What kind of serviceability is present in your models?

    These crawler loaders are built to be easy to service to decrease labor time and cost. There are swing-out side shields and a tilt-out grille for convenient access to both sides of the coolers. The undercarriage is extremely durable to prevent dirt and debris from entering the engine.

    Is there financing available at Doggett?

    If purchasing new equipment is beyond your budget, we do have financing available. All you have to do is apply for financing through our website or with your dealer at the time of purchase. Loans are available for machinery, new parts, accessories and maintenance.

    What makes John Deere crawler loaders a favorite?

    Operators enjoy these crawlers because they are built with efficiency and comfort in mind. A roomy cab and choice of controls gives operators a customized work experience. Speed controls, counter-rotation and power turns keep productivity high.

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