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    Machine monitoring dashboard displaying real-time data and analytics.

    Your Connection to Enhanced Profitability

    Now free and standard on most new models, JDLink enables John Deere Connected Support™, provides valuable fleet insights, and helps you utilize other productivity solutions, including grade management and payload weighing. Our experienced Technology Support Team can explain JDLink in depth show you how your business could benefit from JDLink.

    JDLink Benefits

    Asset Tracking and Fleet Monitoring

    Location History

    JDLink Connect

    Wireless Communication

    Remote Display Access and Wireless Data Transfer

    JDLink Mobile App

    The Access You Have with JDLink

    • Geofence and curfew
    • Machine hours and location
    • Maintenance tracking 
    • Machine and fleet fuel comparisons 
    • Operator-productivity indicators
    • Diagnostic trouble-code alerts 
    • Thousands of data points available in Ultimate Data 
    • And much more!

    JDLINK™ Maps

    A Quick View of Vital Info

    JDLink shows machine location and utilization, time in idle, fuel level, upcoming maintenance, red alerts, and more. 

    JDLINK™ Maps: Current location, location history, and driving directions. 

    Alerts: Diagnostic trouble codes, maintenance, and security. 

    Engine hours: Daily, weekly, and cumulative hours for maintenance planning, utilization analysis, and jobsite cost tracking. 

    Maintenance: Enroll in a factory-recommended maintenance plan or a custom maintenance plan to automatically track upcoming intervals due for all your enrolled machines in one place.

    JDLink satellite module

    JDLink Satellite Mode

    For work in extremely remote areas with spotty cell coverage, opt for the JDLink satellite module. JDLink transmits via cellular connection when available and switches to satellite mode once a day to transmit data including hours, location, alerts, and many other data sets. Red alerts and geofence violations are sent immediately in both satellite and cellular modes.

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