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    Backhoe Loaders

    Backhoe Loaders

    Why run two machines when one will do? Whether you’re loading trucks, busting up blacktop, placing pipe, digging trenches, or moving materials, an L-Series Backhoe is more than up to the task. Building upon our highly productive K-Series Backhoes, the L-Series features additional backhoe lift capability and PCLS hydraulics (on the 310SL, 310SL HL, 410L, and 710L), for superb multifunction performance. The result: our most versatile backhoes ever.

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    Features and Specifications

    When buying a backhoe loader, it’s essential to understand the different features and specifications available to choose the equipment that meets your needs. The right features and specifications will depend on the type of work you plan to do, the size of the job site, and the materials you need to move.

    Max digging depth

    The backhoe can reach the deepest point while digging. Consider the work you plan to do and choose a backhoe loader with an appropriate max digging depth.

    Backhoe bucket width

    The bucket’s width determines how much material you can move. Consider the size of the job site and the type of materials you need to move to choose an appropriate bucket width.

    Loader bucket width

    This is the bucket’s width on the machine’s front. Choose a loader bucket width that can handle the materials you need to move.

    General purposes

    Some backhoe loaders are designed for general purposes, such as digging, excavation, and loading.


    Multipurpose backhoe loaders have additional features that allow them to handle a broader range of tasks, such as grading, backfilling, and trenching.


    Some backhoe loaders have a side-dump feature that allows you to dump materials to the side rather than in front of the machine.

    Operating weight

    The operating weight of the backhoe loader can affect its stability and maneuverability. Consider the size of the job site and the terrain when choosing a backhoe loader with an appropriate operating weight.

    Emission rating

    Backhoe loaders may have different emission ratings, which can affect their environmental impact. Choose a machine with a rating that meets your needs and environmental standards.


    The horsepower of the backhoe loader affects its digging and lifting capabilities. Choose a machine with an appropriate horsepower for the work you plan to do.

    Hydraulic flow/pressure

    The hydraulic system of the backhoe loader powers its movement and attachments. Consider the hydraulic flow and pressure when choosing a backhoe loader.

    Operator assists

    Some backhoe loaders, such as ergonomic controls and advanced technology, come with operator help that can improve safety and efficiency.

    John Deere Backhoe Loaders



    Ultimate Uptime with John Deere's customizable technology support solutions available exclusively from Doggett! This flexible offering maximizes equipment availability with standard John Deere Protect capabilities that can help prevent future downtime and speed repairs when needed.

    Backhoe Loaders Frequently Asked Questions

    What’s the best way to purchase a backhoe?

    We offer a few ways to buy a John Deere backhoe. You can hit the “request a quote” button on a product page for a backhoe, where you can provide contact information and specific questions about the backhoe of interest. We also offer addresses and phone numbers for local dealers you can contact.

    What’s the difference between an excavator and a backhoe?

    The main difference between a backhoe and an excavator is primarily the size. Backhoes are generally smaller and offer more versatility as they can also drive on roads. We recommend backhoes for smaller construction projects, farming, and landscaping. The right backhoe for John Deere is available at Doggett Equipment.

    Why is it called a backhoe if the digging bucket is on the front?

    The word backhoe doesn’t refer to the location of the digging bucket, but rather the operation of the equipment. On a backhoe, digging occurs by the machine dragging the bucket backward, as opposed to a shovel which digs by moving forward. Check out our backhoe inventory for the right John Deere backhoe for sale.

    What’s the difference between a backhoe and a backhoe loader?

    Although the terms are used interchangeably, technically a backhoe loader is a front loader that contains a backhoe attachment arm. Sometimes a backhoe loader is called a tractor-loader-backhoe or TLB. At Doggett Equipment, each John Deere backhoe is a backhoe loader.

    Do you carry backhoe attachments?

    Yes, we do. Although each John Deere backhoe comes with an arm and digging bucket, we do sell a backhoe attachment that can be purchased separately. Use the drop-down menu to specify a particular backhoe attachment part.

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