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    Compact Wheel Loader

    Compact Wheel Loader

    With models ranging from 61.0-103.0 hp with 1–3 cubic yard bucket capacities, you can think big and run small.  John Deere compact articulating loaders combine serious performance with small loader sizes so you can be productive, even in tight spaces.  Pair them with a snow blower, grapple, pallet fork, broom or other John Deere attachment to increase your versatility, work smarter, and accomplish even more.

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    Features and Specifications

    When selecting a compact wheel loader, it's crucial to understand the various features and specifications that determine its performance and capabilities. Considering these features and specifications, you can assess a compact wheel loader's performance, abilities, and suitability for your specific needs. Carefully evaluate these factors, and it will help you choose a machine that can efficiently handle your intended applications and deliver optimal results. Here are some key features to consider:

    Bucket Capacity

    Bucket capacity refers to the volume of material the loader bucket can hold. It is an important specification to consider as it determines the machine's efficiency in material handling and loading tasks.

    Operating Weight

    The operating weight of a compact wheel loader is the total weight of the machine, including the chassis, engine, and attachments. This specification is essential for assessing the stability and maneuverability of the loader.


    Horsepower (HP) measures the engine's power output. It determines the loader's ability to perform tasks efficiently, such as digging, lifting, and pushing materials.

    Static Tipping Load

    The static tipping load is the maximum weight that the loader can safely lift without tipping over. This specification is critical for ensuring operator safety and determining the loader's lifting capacity.

    Loader's Breakout Force

    Breakout force is the force exerted by the loader's bucket or attachment to penetrate and break through hard or compacted materials. It indicates the loader's ability to handle tough digging or material extraction tasks.


    Understanding the intended application of the compact wheel loader is essential. Different loaders may have specific features or design elements that make them more suitable for particular applications, such as construction, landscaping, agriculture, or snow removal.

    John Deere Compact Wheel Loader


    Looking to build your business? John Deere attachments are a great place to start. With more than 100 models, they’ll help you broaden your abilities, work smarter, and accomplish even more.

    FAQs about Compact Wheel Loader

    If you need some heavy lifting done, a compact wheel loader can often do more than a skid steer. You can travel longer distances and enjoy improved fuel efficiency since the engines have lower RPMs than other construction equipment. You can also more easily maneuver on a variety of project sites and terrains, increasing your productivity and ability when working with a range of materials. Wheel loaders are full of advanced features like remote diagnostics, JDLink connectivity and SmartGrade technology.

    What kind of training does it take to operate a John Deere Wheel Loader?

    Thanks to modern technology, you can operate a K-Series Loaders with a single-lever joystick or two-lever fingertip control, seat-mounted control and sealed-switch modules.

    Which applications are best for a wheel loader?

    Wheel loaders can be more effective than skid steer in some locations, especially hard surface environments because it offers lower tire wear and improved fuel efficiency over a skid steer. However, it can also be more stable in off-road conditions. In areas where visibility is important, skid steers are limited in height compared to a compact wheel loader.

    What kind of functionality do these machines offer?

    Thanks to telescopic booms, these loaders are getting longer reach and multi-function capability. Lifting and dumping are prime operations.

    How fast do these loaders go?

    While it depends on the manufacturer, a compact wheel loader can safely reach top speeds of 30 mph.

    Where is the best place to look for a wheel loader for sale?

    You can find a wide selection of compact wheel loaders at Doggett Equipment. Our industry-leading equipment is the solution to your project’s needs.

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