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    Compact Track Loaders

    The vertical-lift design of John Deere compact track loaders rises high and reaches far for quick and easy loading. With rated operating capacities from 2,125 – 3,700 lbs. (965 – 1680 kg), count on these compact loaders to have the muscle you need.  They also work comfortably in tight spaces and are easy to trailer. And now our 333G SmartGrade™ is the first compact machine to feature fully integrated 3D grade-control technology.

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    Explore Compact Track Loader Models

    Introducing the New G-Series

    Challenged and inspired by customer feedback and ideas, John Deere went to work on Generation Next - G Series. John Deere added more power under the hood and increased lift height, reach, stability, and breakout force. We paid attention to the little things that are a big deal to our customers, like optional heated seat, side lighting, and rearview camera — for more productivity and uptime, at a lower daily operating cost. And now our 333G SmartGrade™ is the first compact machine to feature fully integrated 3D grade-control technology. 

    Features and Specifications

    Compact track loaders have various features and specifications that significantly impact their performance and usability. Understanding these features will help you decide when selecting a compact track loader. Let's explore some of the essential features and specifications to consider:

    Max Lift/Dump

    This refers to the maximum height and distance the compact track loader can lift and dump materials. It determines the machine's reach and ability to load trucks or place materials at a desired height, ensuring efficient operation.

    Reach at Max Lift/Dump

    This specification indicates the horizontal distance the compact track loader can reach while maintaining the maximum lifting height. It is vital in accessing and placing materials precisely, especially in construction or landscaping projects.

    Operating Capacity

    Operating capacity refers to the maximum weight the compact track loader can safely lift and carry. Matching the machine's operating capacity with the weight of the materials you'll handle is crucial to ensure optimal performance and safety.

    Operating Weight and Tipping Load

    Operating weight represents the weight of the compact track loader itself. At the same time, the tipping load refers to the maximum weight that can be safely lifted without tipping the machine. It is essential to understand these specifications to ensure stability and prevent accidents during operation.

    Ground Pressure

    Ground pressure measures the force the compact track loader exerts on the ground. It is crucial to minimize damage to the terrain and maintain stability, especially when working on delicate surfaces or in sensitive areas.

    Engine Power

    Engine power indicates the strength and performance capabilities of the compact track loader. A higher horsepower rating typically means the machine can handle demanding tasks more efficiently and effectively.


    The dimensions of a compact track loader include overall length, width, and height. These measurements are essential for assessing the machine's ability to navigate tight spaces and determine transportation and storage requirements.

    Cab Design

    The design influences operator comfort, visibility, and productivity. Look for adjustable seating, ergonomic controls, and good visibility to ensure operators can work comfortably and efficiently.

    Joystick Control

    Many compact track loaders are equipped with joystick controls, which provide precise and intuitive operation. Joystick controls allow operators to manage multiple functions simultaneously, enhancing productivity and ease of use.

    Radio Remote Control

    Some compact track loaders offer the convenience of radio remote control, allowing operators to control the machine from a distance. This feature can be particularly useful in hazardous or challenging environments.

    Intuitive Instrument Panel

    An intuitive instrument panel displays vital information such as engine diagnostics, fuel levels, and system alerts. A user-friendly interface ensures operators can monitor the machine's performance quickly.

    Climate Control

    Climate control features, such as air conditioning and heating systems, enhance operator comfort in various weather conditions. This helps maintain productivity and reduces operator fatigue.

    John Deere Compact Track Loader

    Over 100 John Deere Attachments Available

    If you're looking for a way to help build your business, John Deere attachments are a great place to start with.  With more than 100 attachments, these specialized and general-purpose additions enable you to broaden your abilities, work smarter, and accomplish even more. 

    FAQs about Compact Track Loader

    How Can I Purchase a New John Deere Track Loader?

    Are you looking for a quality John Deere track loader to help you complete an upcoming project? If so, be sure to dive into the assortment of options available at Doggett Equipment. Peruse the selection and discover a fit that works for your next job.

    How Long Do Track Loaders Last?

    Though the longevity of a loader will be determined entirely by the specifics of the applications you use it for, the average loader is said to last anywhere between 6000 and 8000 hours. However, putting in extra care and maintenance can extend this to upward of 10000 hours.

    Why Are John Deere Compact Track Loaders a Good Investment?

    Being a trusted name in the world of equipment, it makes sense that John Deere produces some of the best compact track loader options available. The models are said to be both agile and fast, with plenty of customization options available for those who are looking to achieve very specific results from their efforts.

    Are Wheeled or Tracked Skid Steers Better?

    Both a wheeled and tracked skid steer can work depending on certain conditions. Wheeled options tend to be preferable on harder surfaces like asphalt and concrete. Tracks, conversely are better for minimizing damage on softer terrain like grass.

    Do Track Loaders Work in Snowy Conditions?

    Yes, you can easily use your track loader in snowy conditions. In fact, these pieces of equipment are usually some of the most popular when it comes to removing piles of snow from an area. The loaders are particularly helpful because the snow can be moved in a variety of simple and effective ways.

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