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    Motor Grader

    Motor Graders

    John Deere's latest G-Series Graders take their proven reputation to the next level. Expanded grade-control system options, including SmartGrade models with technology integrated directly into the machine to deliver more accurate grading results. Existing models boast increased performance, along with a host of proven features to help you boost productivity and maximize uptime while lowering daily operating costs.

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    Explore Motor Grader Models

    John Deere SmartGrade Motor Grader

    SmartGrade 3D Grade Control

    Industry-first John Deere SmartGrade Motor Graders are fully integrated and calibrated from the factory, arriving at your jobsite ready to work. In-cylinder position sensing allows the machine to stay on grade no matter what blade pitch, articulation angle, or circle offset you’re running.

    Features and Specifications

    When planning to purchase a motor grader, it's essential to consider its features and specifications to ensure that it can handle the tasks you have in mind. Here are some key features and specifications to look for:


    The model of a motor grader refers to its specific make and model number. This information is essential when researching and comparing different motor graders to determine which one is the best fit for your particular needs.

    Moldboard Height

    The moldboard is the main blade on a motor grader and is used for cutting and shaping the road surface. The height of the moldboard determines the depth of the cut that the grader can make, and a higher moldboard height allows the machine to cut through larger piles of material.

    Std Operation Weight

    A motor grader's standard operating weight refers to the machine's weight when it is fully equipped and ready to use. This weight includes the engine's importance, the moldboard's weight, and any additional attachments or equipment that may be added.

    Overall Length

    A motor grader's overall length refers to the machine's total length, including the moldboard and any additional attachments. This specification determines how much space the grader will need to operate effectively.

    Max Speed

    The maximum speed in the forward direction is an important specification when considering the motor grader's overall performance. This specification will impact the grader's ability to move quickly from one area to another and the operator's efficiency and comfort when operating the machine.

    John Deere Motor Grader

    Uptime Isn't Everything - It's the Only Thing.

    To maximize uptime and lower costs, JDLink telematics also enables John Deere Connected Support.™ John Deere’s centralized Machine Health Monitoring Center analyzes data from thousands of connected machines, identifies trends, and develops actions to prevent downtime called Expert Alerts. 

    Doggett John Deere uses Expert Alerts to proactively address conditions that may otherwise likely lead to downtime. We also can monitor machine health and leverage remote diagnostics and programming capability to further diagnose problems and even update machine software without a time-consuming trip to the jobsite.

    FAQs about Construction Motor Grader Equipment

    Is there financing available to purchase motor graders?

    Yes. Click on the machine of choice on our page of motor graders. Look for the “apply for financing” button next to the image on the landing pages for our John Deere motor graders. This button takes you directly to John Deere Financial where you can apply.

    What is the difference between a tandem drive and a six-wheel drive?

    While both drive configurations feature 3 axles with 2 wheels on either end, the tandem drive only delivers power to two of the axles. The six-wheel opinion delivers power to all three axles. At Doggett Equipment, we offer motor graders with either configuration.

    What is SmartGrade?

    Our SmartGrade technology features a suite of solutions to make the most out of your projects that involve John Deere motor graders. You can streamline machine use, manage idle and standby hours better, take advantage of remote monitoring and diagnostics for better project outcomes. Learn more here.

    Do you provide maximum operating weights?

    Yes, we do. For each of our motor graders, you can go to the product page and either click on “specifications” on the menu near the top or scroll down until you see the “specifications” header. At the end of that section under “weights”, we provide the operating weight, the max operating weight, and the weight with push block and ripper.

    Do you offer motor graders for rent?

    At this time, we do not offer any motor graders for rental. The equipment that we offer is viewable on our rentals page. We invite you to request a quote to put you in contact with a dealer who can discuss your available options.

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