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    Articulated Dump Trucks

    Articulated Dump Trucks

    Whether it's 26 ton, 31 ton, 41 ton, or 46 ton, John Deere ADTs deliver impressive power and torque for exceptional power-to-weight ratios and fast cycles. So you can keep working on steep slopes, through deep ruts, and in slippery muck. Onboard diagnostics help keep the operator in the know and on the go. Smart features such as on-the-fly auto-differential lock, tire-pressure monitoring, and onboard payload weighing help boost productivity and uptime, while helping to keep operating costs down.

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    Payload Weighing

    Payload weight is displayed on the monitor during loading, with real-time load and tonnage data transmitted via JDLink™, access to accurate payload values removes the guesswork from daily production levels, increasing uptime and efficiency. 

    John Deere Articulated Dump Trucks


    To maximize uptime and lower costs, JDLink connectivity provides machine location, utilization data, and alerts to help you maximize productivity and efficiency. JDLink also enables John Deere Connected Support.

    Doggett John Deere uses Expert Alerts based on data from thousands of connected machines to proactively address conditions that may otherwise likely lead to downtime. We can also monitor machine health and leverage remote diagnostics and programming capability to further diagnose problems and even update machine software without a time-consuming trip to the jobsite.

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    Minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity are what it’s all about when it comes to equipment service and repairs.

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    John Deere Protect

    Don't let a small problem turn into a work-halting, budget-breaking crisis.  John Deere Protect Service Plan helps remove maintenance planning burden.  

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    Doggett Heavy Machinery is the premier dealer for John Deere construction and forestry equipment with 16 locations across Louisiana and Texas.

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    John Deere Articulated Dump Truck FAQs

    What type of John Deere articulated dump truck do I need at my construction site?

    With four different kinds of articulated dump truck for sale, you're sure to find the perfect match for your job site. Choose from a range of 26-ton to 46-ton trucks that each have benefits based on the types of activities you need to accomplish.

    What is the payload weight monitor?

    This smart feature allows your operators to weigh loads without interrupting their flow. You can confirm daily productivity, evaluate performance, identify areas for improvement, manage inventory and calculate weight. It also features overload alarms to help reduce fines and excess weight.

    Where do I need an articulated dump truck?

    An articulated dump truck is an essential piece of equipment on any construction site. John Deere offers superior power-to-weight ratios to keep the productivity up on slippery surfaces, steep slopes and deep ruts. Smart features on these machines keep the efficiency up and operating costs down.

    What types of drive modes are available on an articulated dump truck?

    Three drive modes are available on the dump truck to customize the efficiency based on the experience of the driver. Normal mode works for most daily tasks. Traction mode is useful when traversing slippery and muddy terrain. Eco-mode can be used to conserve fuel and optimize the transmission output.

    What benefits does the engine have?

    John Deere's PowerTech utilizes diesel exhaust fluid filters, exhaust gas recirculation and variable geometry turbocharger to conserve power and fuel by using service brake coolers, transmission, hydraulic and engine units only when necessary.

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