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    Forestry Equipment

    Forestry & Logging Equipment

    With all of the challenges you face, you need an equipment provider that backs you. Doggett John Deere offers proven forestry equipment and intelligent innovations that go beyond high-quality, productive machines. Discover why Deere is #1 in the Woods!

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    John Deere Forestry Equipment

    Even before John Deere officially began producing forestry equipment, loggers were using Deere machines as logging winches. Today, John Deere is the industry’s leading forestry equipment manufacturer and the brand’s iconic green paint and yellow trim is known around the world. Equipped with a robust product line and one of the best reputations in the industry, Doggett’s professionally trained service technicians and sales representatives have all the necessary tools to ensure you get the most timber to the mill.

    Never Alone

    With every day in the woods being a chance to prove yourself, you deserve the best equipment to do just that. John Deere has developed unrivaled production systems, leading precision forestry technologies, and Doggett as your dealer will back your fleet so you can show the world what you’re made of.

    Precision Forestry

    Precision Forestry

    John Deere wants you to be able to see the forest AND the trees. We've got the technology to help make you profitable, productive, and efficient no matter how unique your job list may be. 

    John Deere Forestry Equipment FAQs

    Can I order forestry equipment at an in-store location?

    Yes, we have several dealer locations throughout Louisiana and Texas where you can buy John Deere forestry equipment. We provide locations, addresses, and phone numbers. You can also click on the “full location details” button for each location to learn additional info such as hours.

    What types of forestry equipment are available?

    Click here to see the various types of forestry equipment for sale. We carry forwarders for carrying logs, knuckle boom loaders for loading, skidders for transporting cut trees, and harvester models that are supported on wheels or tracks.

    Should I go with tracked or wheeled forestry equipment?

    Tracks have a greater ground contact area, which makes for better load distribution. The tracks help the equipment “float” over the ground. It’s better for softer, looser, and wetter ground surfaces. Wheels are superior for movement on asphalt and concrete. The good news is that we offer forestry equipment with wheels or tracks.

    What Is Precision Forestry?

    Our Precision Forestry program is a suite of tools that helps you make the most out of your John Deere forestry equipment. These tools help you streamline your logging operations, offering the following benefits including real-time updates, simplified mapping, progress tracking, live production view, remote monitoring, and fleet optimization.

    Do you carry used forestry equipment?

    Yes, we do. We offer used versions of John Deere products, including forestry equipment. You can browse through our available inventory, shop by category, or type the equipment that you’re looking for. You can even filter results by location and other details to find the right machines.

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