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    Remote Diagnostics

    Remote Diagnostics

    What if Doggett - John Deere could initiate repair solutions without visiting the jobsite and charging you for a technician’s travel time? The remote diagnostics and programming you get with John Deere Connected Support™ enable your dealer to troubleshoot machine issues from a distance. They can access and reset diagnostic codes and record performance readings remotely and without direct contact.

    Faster, Less Costly Repairs

    Remote Performance Recording

    Remote Performance Recordings

    If your machine malfunctions at 1,000 rpm, for example, we can use remote diagnostics to record particular machine parameters at that rpm. The technician doesn’t need to be onsite. And readings can be taken at full machine functionality, eliminating downtime. 

    If parts are needed to fix the problem assessed via remote diagnostics, the technician arrives onsite with the right parts without an initial trip to the field.

    Software Update

    Remote Software Updates

    Using remote programming, your machine can also receive wireless software updates, avoiding a technician having to come to the jobsite with laptop in hand. 

    Your fleet-management and -maintenance team gains twice the bench strength when your dealer and your machines are connected through remote diagnostics and programming. The advantages to owning John Deere just got a lot more compelling.

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