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    Grade-control technology is a must-have tool for maximizing jobsite productivity and maintaining a competitive edge. Start with cross slope, standard on all Grade Pro (GP) models. Or upgrade to industry-first John Deere SmartGrade Motor Graders that are fully integrated and calibrated from the factory to arrive at your jobsite ready to work.

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    Imagine the Possibilities

    Automated cross slope

    Standard on all GP models, cross slope maintains slopes by automatically adjusting one side of the blade while the operator controls the other. Cross slope can also be operated in “manual mode” as a slope meter.

    Effortless operation

    Automated cross slope simplifies holding a consistent slope by reducing operation to a single lever. Both dual-joystick controls and fingertip armrest controls come equipped with cross slope and can be easily upgraded to 3D SmartGrade.

    Suite deal

    Standard with SmartGrade 3D Grade Control, Automation Suite streamlines the number of controls needed to perform common tasks such as Auto-Articulation, Machine Presets, Blade Flip, Machine-Damage Avoidance, and exclusive Auto-Pass. Our automation advantages for all GP-Series Motor Graders are also available as field kits that can be unlocked on SmartGrade models.

    Run without limits

    In-cylinder position sensing allows the machine to stay on grade no matter what blade pitch, articulation angle, or circle offset you’re running, without the limitations imposed by masted systems. Built with flexibility in mind, laser, sonic, mmGPS, and total-station solutions can also be utilized, enabling unmatched jobsite versatility.

    The Future is Here

    Available for all GP-Series Motor Graders.  Automation suite includes machine damage avoidance, auto-articulation and machine presets.  Fully integrated with no masts or cables.  

    Grade Your Way


    Support Team

    Through the power of technology, telematics has given our Support Team the capability of remotely monitoring your equipment and provide valuable insight into the operation of your equipment.

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    JDLink Connectivity

    Standard on most new models, JDLink connectivity provides valuable fleet insights and enables other Precision Construction solutions.

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    Expert Alerts

    Let Us Watch Your Fleet, So You Can Run Your World. Expert Alerts is a proactive monitoring system that notifies dealers of potential machine issues.

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