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The Hydrau XR hydraulic oil is a premium ISO 46, all-season, synthetic, anti-wear hydraulic fluid specifically designed for use in hydraulic and hydrostatic systems of construction and forestry equipment. This fluid may be used in any application where fluid requirements must comply with ISO 11158 categories HV. For Deere/Hitachi excavators, system flush of factory fill zinc-free Hitachi fluid is required before use of any hydraulic fluid containing zinc anti-wear additive.

Hydrau XR is specifically formulated to provide:
  • All-season capability to eliminate seasonal fluids service
  • Flow characteristic essential for satisfactory system start-up at cold temps of -40°C (-40°F)
  • Superior high temperature viscosity for machine operation during summer months
  • · Extended ambient temperature operating range (-40°C to +40°C or -40°F to +104°F)
  • Superior oxidation and thermal stability
  • Exceptional anti-wear performance over life of fluid
  • Excellent anti-foam and air release propertie
  • Protection against rust and corrosion
  • Extended change intervals
  • Physical properties: ISO VG: 46 V@ 40C: 43.10 V@ 100C: 10.37 VI: 236 Flash point: 195C Pour point: -48C
40.2 LBS
Deere Notes
Hydraulic Oil - HYDRAU XR (ISO 46), 5GAL;18.9L


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