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    Operating weight CE (with type 910 m paving mould), 3.50 m
    59,000 kg (Weight of machine, half weight of all operating materials, on-board tools, machine operator (75 kg), no optional equipment features)
    Paving width
    4,500 - 12,000 mm (Special paving widths, paving heights and other options available on request)
    Paving speed
    0 - 39.4 ft / min
    Travel speed
    0 - 82 ft / min
    Rated power
    321 kW / 430 hp
    543 in³
    Paving height
    0 - 18 in (Special paving widths, paving heights, and other options available on request)
    Machine weight
    123,459 - 224,872 lbs (Weight specifications depend on the installed equipment and paving width)
    Height adjustment, mechanical
    6 in
    Exhaust emissions category
    EU Stage 5/US EPA Tier 4f (Emission values classified by standard, e.g. EPA, EU, etc.)


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