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    0.19 lbs.
    5.88" x 3.5" x 1.1"
    Deere Notes
    Valve - VALVE;GREASE


    120D Excavator (PIN: 1FF120DX_ _D037001-)(PC10084)
    130G Excavator (PIN: 1FF130GX_ _D040001-)(PC10259)
    130G Excavator (PIN: 1FF130GX_ _E040001-)(PC10257)
    130G Excavator (1FF130GX_ _F040608-)(PC15001)
    135G Excavator (PC10085)
    135G Excavator (PIN: 1FF135GX_ _E400001-)(PC11134)
    160GLC Excavator (PIN: 1FF160GX_ _D055001-)(PC10253)
    160GLC Excavator (PIN: 1FF160GX_ _E055001-)(PC10245)
    160LC Excavator (PC2643)
    180GLC Excavator (PIN: 1FF180GX_ _E020001-)(PC10246)
    180GLC Excavator (PIN: 1FF180GX_ CS020001-)(PC10254)
    200DLC Excavator (PIN: 1FF200DX_ _D510001-)(PC10015)
    200G Excavator (PIN: 1FF200GX_ _F085001-)(PC15335)
    210G and 210GLC Excavators (PIN: 1FF210GX_ _C520001-)(PIN: 1FF210GX_ _D520001-)(PC10255)
    210GLC Excavator (PIN: 1FF210GX_ _E520001-)(PC10247)
    210GLC Excavator (PIN: 1FF210GX_ _F521988-)(PC11359)
    2144G Excavator (PIN: 1F92144G_ _D210001-)(PC15151)
    225DLC Excavator (PC10016)
    240DLC Excavaor (PIN:1FF240DX_ _D605001-)(PC9543)
    250GLC Excavator (PIN: 1FF250GX_ _D608001-) (Engine 6068HT052 and 6068HT062) (PC10217)
    250GLC Excavator (PIN: 1FF250GX_ _E608001-E609345)(Engine 6068HT073)(PC10203)
    250GLC Excavaor (PIN: 1FF250GX_ _F608713-)(Engine 6068HT101)(PC11262)
    270DLC Excavator (PIN: 1FF270DX_ _D703001-)(PC9544)
    290GLC Excavator (PIN: 1FF290GX_ _C705001-)(Engine 6068HT082 and 6068HT062)(PC10218)
    290GLC Excavator (PIN: 1FF290GX_ _E705001-)(Engine 6068HT073)(PC10204)
    300GLC Excavator (PIN: 1FF300GX_ _F10002-)(PC11313)
    330CLC and 370C Excavator (PC9083{)
    350P-Tier, Gen-A Excavator (PIN: 1FF350PA_ _F_00001-)(PC15428)
    380 P-Tier, Gen-A Excavator (PIN: 1FF380PA_ _F_00001-)(PC15429)
    650DLC Excavator (PC9547)
    670GLC Excavator (PIN: 1FF670GX_ _E670001-)(PC10210)
    670GLC Excavator (PIN: 1FF670GX_ _F690001-)(PC11378)
    670P Excavator (PIN: 1FF670PA_ _F_00001-)(PC15437)
    870GLC Excavator (PC10211)
    870GLC Excavator (PIN: 1FF870GX_ _F890001-)(PC11380)
    870P Excavator (PIN: 1FF870PA_ _F_00001-)(PC15438)
    ZAXIS 200LC-3 Excavator (PIN: 1FFASTOX_ _D320001-)(PC10018)
    Zaxis130-5G Hitachi Excavator (PIN: HCMDAG90_ _0090250-)(PC15240)
    Zaxis130-5N Hitachi Excavator (PIN: 1FFDAB70_ _E130001-)(PC10258)
    Zaxis130-6N Hitachi Excavator (PIN: 1FFDAP70_ _F140001-)(PC15012)
    Zaxis135US-5N Hitachi Excavator (PIN: HCMDAF60_ _010001-)(PIN: HCMDAF0100001-)(PC11135)
    Zaxis160LC-5N Hitachi Excavator (PIN: 1FFDBC70_ _E230001-)(PC10248)
    Zaxis160LC-6N Hitachi Excavator (PIN: 1FFDBP70_ _F240001-)(PC15013)
    Zaxis180LC-5G Hitachi Excavator (PIN: 1FFDBHHOLEC530073-)(PC11270)
    Zaxis180LC-5N Hitachi Excavator (PIN: 1FFDBD70_ _E530001-)(PC10249)
    Zaxis180LC-6N Hitachi Excavator (PIN: 1FFDBQ70_ _F540001-)(PC15014)
    Zaxis210-5G and Zaxis210LC-5G Hitachi Excavator (PIN: 1FFDCDH1_C330001-)(PC11133)
    Zaxis210-5N and Zaxis210LC-5N Hitachi Excavaor (PIN: 1FFDCJ70_ _E330001-)(PC10250)
    Zaxis210LC-6N Hitachi Excavator(PIN: 1FFDC57_ _ _F340002)(PC11370)
    Zaxis240LC-3 Excavator (PIN: 1FFASUOX_ _D400000-)(PC9565)
    Zaxis250LC-5G Hitachi Excavator (PIN:1FFDDC71_ _C430001-)(PC14111)
    Zaxis250-LC-5N Hitcachi Excavator (PIN: 1FFDCB70_ _E4300001-)(PC10206)
    Zaxis250LV-6N Hitachi Excavator (PIN: 1FFDC270_ _F440001-)(PC11303)
    Zaxis270LC-3 Excavator (PIN: 1FFASROX_ _D820001-) (PC9566)
    Zaxis290LC-35 Hitachi Excavator (PIN: 1FFDDFG_ _C830001-) (PC11142)
    Zaxis290LC-5N Hitachi Excavator (PIN: 1FFDDB70_ _E830001-)(PC10207)
    Zaxis300LC-6N Hitachi Excavator (PIN: 1FFDDP&)_ _F84001-)(PC11314)
    Zaxis670LC-5A Hitachi Excavator (PIN: HCMJBGK1_ _0060071--)(PC15200)
    Zaxis670LC-5B Hitachi Excavator (PIN: HCMJBA_ _0030001-)(PIN: HCMJBA60_ _0030001-)(PC10213)
    Zaxis670LC-5G Hitachi Excavator (PIN: HCMJBF0_000500001-)(PC11226)
    Zaxis670LC-6 Hitachi Excavator (PIN: HCJNK60_ _0060001-)(PC11377)
    Zaxis870LC-5B Hitachi Excavator (PIN: HCMJBC70_ _030001-)(PIN: HCMJBC60_ _0030001-)(PC10214)
    Zaxis870LC-5G Hitachi Excavator (PIN: HCMJBEK0_00050001-)(PC11227)
    Zaxis870LC=6 Hitachi Excavator (PIN: HCMJBL60) )0060001-)(PC11379)


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