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    Set Contains:
    - PT16623 Combination wrench 10mm
    - PT16624 Combination wrench 11mm
    - PT16625 Combination wrench 12mm
    - PT16626 Combination wrench 13mm
    - PT16627 Combination wrench 14mm
    - PT16628 Combination wrench 15mm
    - PT16629 Combination wrench 16mm
    - PT16630 Combination wrench 17mm
    - PT16631 Combination wrench 18mm
    - PT16632 Combination wrench 19mm
    - PT20843 Pouch for TY19922 wrench set
    • Hot-drop forged from molybdenum-alloy steel – ensures maximum strength and toughness
    • High-torque strength on both ends – exceeds federal specifications by a wide margin
    • Nickel chrome plated – resists rust and corrosion.
    • Precision tolerances on both end openings – ensures correct fit onto fasteners
    • Chamfered tops and openings – allows an easier fit and placement onto fasteners
    3.16 lbs.
    Deere Notes
    Wrench Set - 10 piece metric satin finish combination wrench set

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