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    Set Contains:
    - PT17058 12-pt. reg. socket 7/16"
    - PT17059 12-pt. reg. socket 1/2"
    - PT17060 12-pt. reg. socket 9/16"
    - PT17061 12-pt. reg. socket 5/8"
    - PT17062 12-pt. reg. socket 11/16"
    - PT17063 12-pt. reg. socket 3/4"
    - PT17064 12-pt. reg. socket 13/16"
    - PT17065 12-pt. reg. socket 7/8"
    - PT17066 12-pt. reg. socket 15/16"
    - PT17067 12-pt. reg. socket 1"
    - PT17068 12-pt. reg. socket 1-1/16"
    - PT28069 12-pt. reg. socket 1-1/8"
    - PT17070 12-pt. reg. socket 1-1/4"
    • The John Deere Socket sets line-up includes 1⁄4-, 3⁄8-, 1⁄2-, and 3⁄4-inch drive socket sets in a broad range of SAE* (inch) and metric sizes in regular and deep lengths
    • Precise dimensions, as well as high strength
    • All 1⁄4- through 1⁄2-inch drive sockets is the “increased torque drive” system. This design allows the sockets to grip fasteners on their “flats” instead of on the corners like conventional sockets. This system reduces the risk of rounding off the nut or bolt, and allows more torque to be applied
    • Blow-molded cases or clip-rails for convenient storage
    1.78 lbs.
    Deere Notes
    Hand Tool - 12 PT METRIC 3/8 DEEP SOCKET SETS

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