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    Set Includes:
    - PT21148 Screwdriver, flat tip (5/16 in.), 6 in. long
    - PT21149 Screwdriver, flat tip (1/16 in.), 4 in. long
    - PT21150 Screwdriver, flat tip (3/16 in.), 3 in. long
    - PT21151 Screwdriver, flat tip (3/16 in.), stubby
    - PT21152 Screwdriver, Phillips - No. 3, 6 in. long
    - PT21153 Screwdriver, Phillips - No. 2, 4 in. long
    - PT21154 Screwdriver, Phillips - No. 1, 3 in. long
    - PT21155 Screwdriver, Phillips - No. 1, stubby
    • Chrome-vanadium alloy steel blades ensure extra strength and long life
    • Ergonomically-designed, comfort-grip handles – reduce fatigue, improve load factors
    • Easy-to-see, yellow and black grips
    • Hole in handle provides extra torque capability
    • Hole in handle also provides option for hanging on hook if desired
    • Set includes three flat tips and two Phillips heads
    2.43 lbs.
    Deere Notes
    Screwdriver Set - 8 PC SCREWDRIVER SET

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