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    The BHT-2 has many features including multi-sensor technology, illuminated keypad and display.
    • Bale type: small square or round bales
    • Multi-sensor technology takes readings on the left side, the right side and throughout the bale for greater accuracy average of readings updated and displayed every 3 seconds
    • Large, illuminated LCD display and keypad for easy viewing during day or night
    • User can set the high and low limit of the moisture reading
    • Firmware/calibration curves upgradable via standard USB port
    • Accessories for tester: Sensor Pad - SW006063 35 ft Sensor Cable - SW006064 10 ft Power Cable - SW006066 5 ft USB Cable - SW006067 Sensor Pad Kit - SW007161
    • Product Includes: - Display module with mounting bracket attached by 2 knobs - 10-ft. fused power cable - Two 35-ft. shielded sensor cables - Twelve sensor cable ties - 2 sensor pads - Sensor pad mounting hardware - One USB cable - Complete installation instructions
    5.16 lbs.
    Deere Notes
    Moisture Tester - BHT-2 BALER MOUNTED HAY TESTER

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