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Specifically designed for lubricating heavy-duty gears under high load carrying capacity. Due to its anti-friction characteristics, this gear lube also withstands high thermal loading and resists the formation of sludge and other harmful products of oxidation.
  • Developed for higher performing gear drives for heavier load conditions
  • Can replace TY6296 (80W-90 GL5 gear lube) for the Combine Feederhouse Reverser Gear Case ONLY
  • Direct replacement for TY6370 synthetic gear lube
  • Premium-quality, fully synthetic lubricant
  • Used for lubricating heavy duty gears under high load carrying capacity
  • Improves viscosity across operating temperature range
  • Reduces air entrapment for increased stable viscosity and superior cooling
1.98 lbs.
1 qt.
Deere Notes


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