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  • Resists leakage, vibration loosening, and moisture
  • Resists hydraulic fluids and diesel fuels
  • Lubricates threads for easy assembly and disassembly
  • Won’t shred or tear like most tapes
  • Works up to 400°F (204°C)
.23 lbs.
1.69 Oz.
Deere Notes
Sealant - pst 592 THREAD SEALANT (50ML-TUBE)


5075M Tractor (North America Edition)(Engine: 3029HYP65)(Final Tier 4)(PC12397)
5075M Tractor (PIN: 1PY5075M*ME000001-)(North America Edition)(FT4)(PC16250)
5075M Tractor, OOS (1LV5075MHJ100001-), Cab (1LV5075MHK400001-)(North America Edition)(PC13349)
5075M Tractor, OOS (1LV5075MHJ200001-), Cab (1LV5075MHJ500001-)(Europe Edition)(PC13354)
5415 Narrow Tractor (PC6081)
5415, 5415H, 5615, 5715HC Tractors (PC6077)
5415, 5615 and 5715 Tractors (5015 Series)(Worldwide Edition)(PC6103)
5425(S.N.-002631), 5625(S.N.-001688) and 5725 (S.N.-005047) Tractors (Manufactured in Monterrey)(PC6088)
5425N and 5725N Narrow Tractors (Worldwide Edition)(PC6089)
6059 OEM Engine and 6059DF092 Repower (100000-499999)(PC3192)
7760 Cotton Picker (Round Module Builder)(S.N. N07760X039001-)(PC11502)
Genset Power Units (300 Engines)(PC2450)


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