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    A creamy, non-running adhesive used to fit between parts to repair
    large gaps up to 0.508 mm (0.020 in.) in diameter and severely worn
    parts. Applications include refitting worn shafts, housings, couplings
    and form-in-place shims, and repairing worn keyways, loose set
    screws and other severely worn parts.
    • Quickly repairs loose fits between shafts, bearings, and housings
    • Fills gaps up to .020 in. (.051 cm) and cures only between the mating parts
    • Prevents costly downtime and keeps machinery in service
    • Can be used with Loctite Klean ‘N Prime ™ activator (PM37509 U.S./PM38611 Can.)
    • Fixtures in 20 minutes
    • Typical applications: Round baler bearing to hex shaft to eliminate knocking noise Worn shafts Loose bearings and bushings
    .77 lbs.
    1.69 Oz.
    Deere Notes
    Adhesive - PRESS FIT REPAIR

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