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    • Provides higher temperature resistance and more flexibility than PM38655 – flexible form-in-place gasket
    • Fills gaps to 0.020 in. (0.5 mm) and cures to a tough solvent resistant gasket
    • Flexes with flange movement caused by vibration, pressurization, or thermal change
    • Has operating temperature limits of -65 to 350°F (-54 to 177°C)
    • Typical applications: PTO housing cover to housing Brake separator plates to brake piston housings Transmission to range box Range box to differential housing Centerline bracket to differential case Axle housing to ring gear to differential case
    0.23 lbs.
    1.69 Fl. Oz.
    Deere Notes


    120J High Power Self-Propelled Sprayer (South America Edition)(Manufactured by PLA)(PC16309)
    125J Self-Propelled Sprayer (South America Edition)(Manufactured by PLA)(PC16310)
    130 P-Tier, Gen-A Excavator (PIN: 1FF130PA_ _F_00001-)(PC15463)
    130G Excavator (PIN: 1FF130GX_ _E040001-)(PC10257)
    130G Excavator (PIN: 1FF130GX_ _F040608-)(PC15001)
    1450CWS/WTS and 1550CWS/WTS Combines (European Edition)(PC9186)
    1450CWS/WTS and 1550CWS/WTS Combines (Maintenance Parts Catalog) European Edition (PC9643)
    1470 Combines (European Edition)(PC8501)
    1570 Combines (European Edition)(PC8504)
    160 P-Tier, Gen-A Excavator (PIN: 1FF160PA_ _F_00001-)(PC15464)
    160GLC Excavator (PIN: 1FF160GX_ _F055671-)(PC15002)
    1654 Tractor (Engine 6068HL285, 6068HYH01)(China Edition)(PC4667)
    180GLC Excavator (PIN: 1FF180GX_ _E020001-)(PC10246)
    180GLC Excavator (PIN: 1FF180GX_ _F020331-)(PC15003)
    1854 Tractor (Engine 6068HL284, 6068HYH02)(China Edition)(PC4668)
    200 G-Tier, Gen-A Excavator (PIN: 1FF200GA_ _F_00001-)(PC15465)
    200G Excavator (PIN: 1FF200GX_ _F085001-)(PC15335)
    2054 Tractor (Engine 6068HL287, 6068HYH03)(China Edition)(PC4669)
    210G and 210GLC (PIN: 1F9210GX_ _C520001-)(PIN: 1F9210GX_ _D520001-)(PC11221)
    210G and 210GLC (PIN: 1FF210GX_ _C520001-)(PIN: 1FF210GX_ _D520001-)(PC10255)
    210K Tractor Loader (PIN: 1T8210KX_ _E891000-)(Engine 4045HT073)(PC10870)
    210L EP Tractor Loader (PIN: 1T8210EL_ _J892600-)(Engine 4045HT072)(PC12634)
    210L Tractor Loader (PIN: 1T0210LX_ _F420826-)(PC15436)
    210L Tractor Loader (PIN: 1T8210LX_ _F892600-)(Engine 4045HT082, 4045HT096)(PC12633)
    2154G and 2154GLC Forestry Excavator (PIN: 1FF2154G_ _D212001-)(PIN: 1FF2154G_ _C212001-)(PC15061)
    2156G and 2156GLC Log Loader (PIN: 1FF2156G_ _D216001-)(PIN: 1FF2156G_ _C216001-)(PC15062)
    2204 and 2204M Tractors (China Edition)(PC11752)
    250G Excavator (PIN: 1FF250GX_ _C611620-)(PC15392)
    2554 Logger (PC9118)
    2654G Forestry Swing Machine (PIN: 1FF2654G_ _D260001-)(PIN: 1FF2654G_ _C260001-)(PC15063)
    2656G Forestry Swing Machine (PIN: 1FF2656G_ _D266001-)(PIN: 1FF2656G_ _C266001-)(PC15064)
    270CLC Excavator (PC9082)
    310J Backhoe Loader (PC10067)
    310K Backhoe Loader (Engine 4045HT054, 4045HT085, 4045HT086, 4045TT096)(PIN: 1T0310KX_ _C219607-C277404)(PIN: 1T0310KX_ _D219607-D277404)(PC11111)
    310K Backhoe Loader (Engine 4045HT073)(PIN: 1T0310KX_ _E219607-E277404)(PC11110)
    310K EP Backhoe Loader (Engine 4045HT072)(PIN: 1T0310EK_ _G219607-G277403)(PC11109)
    310L Backhoe Loader (Engine 4045HT082,4045HT096)(PIN: 1T0310LX_ _F273920-390995)(PC11321)
    310L Backhoe Loader (Engine 4045HT085,4045HT086,4045TT096)(PIN: 1T0310LX_ _C273920-390995)(PIN: 1T0310LX_ _D273920-390995)(PC11332)
    310L Backhoe Loader (PIN: 1T0310LX_ _F390996-)(PC15360)
    310L EP Backhoe Loader (Engine 4045HT072)(PIN: 1T0310EL_ _G273920-329327)(PC11320)
    310SJ Backhoe Loader (PC10068)
    310SJ TMC Backhoe Loader (PC10069)
    310SK Backhoe Loader (Engine 4045HT054,4045HT085,40045HT086,4045TT096)(PIN: 1T0310SK_ _C219607-C277407)(PIN: 1T0310SK_ _D219607-D277407)(PC11113)
    310SK Backhoe Loader (Engine 4045HT073)(PIN: 1T0310SK_E219607-E277407)(PC11112)
    310SL Backhoe Loader (Engine 4045HT082,4045HT096)(PIN: 1T0310SL_ _F273920-390995)(PC11323)
    310SL Backhoe Loader (Engine 4045HT085,4045HT086,4045TT096)(PIN: 1T0310SL_ _C273920-390995)(PIN: 1T0310SL_ _D273920-390995)(PC11324)
    310SL Backhoe Loader (PIN: 1T0310SL_ _C390996-)(PIN: 1T0310SL_ _D390996-)(PC15361)
    310SL Backhoe Loader (PIN: 1T0310SL_ _F390996-)(PC15362)
    310SL HL Backhoe Loader (Engine 4045HT082,4045HT083,4045HT096)(PIN: 1T0310HL_ _ _F273920-390995)(PC11325)
    310SL HL Backhoe Loader (PIN: 1T0310HL_ _F390996-)(PC15363)
    315SJ Backhoe Loader (S.N. BE315SJ300869-)(PC10036)
    315SK Backhoe Loader (Engine 4045HT054,4045HT086,4045TT096)(PIN: 1T015SK_ _C219607-C277141)(PIN: 1T0315SK_ _D229820-D277141)(PC11115)
    315SL Backhoe Loader (Engine 4045HT082,4045HT096)(PIN: 1T0315SL_ _F273920-390995)(PC11326)
    315SL Backhoe Loader (Engine 4045HT086,4045TT096)(PIN: 1T0315SL_ _C273920-390995)(PIN: 1T0315SL_ _D273920-390995)(PC11327)
    315SL Backhoe Loader (PIN: 1T0315SL_ _C390996-)(PIN: 1T0315SL_ _D390996-)(PC15364)

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