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    This unique wax-like stick works like Loctite Bearing Mount 620 and 680 liquids
    to secure parts, seal joints and prevent corrosion. Applications include bushings,
    bearings, oil seals, ring-gear bolts, differential lock pins, axle bearings and water
    and power-steering pump pullies
    • Anaerobic adhesive for slip fit assemblies
    • High strength, medium viscosity
    • Provides 4,000 psi shear strength on steel
    • Fixtures in ten minutes at room temperature
    • Withstands temperatures to 400ºF (240ºC)
    • Typical applications: Replaces set screws Clamp rings Snap rings Wheel bearings Idler shaft
    .05 lbs
    .32 Oz.
    Deere Notes
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