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    Fluid Film can be used on John Deere equipment. It is a superior lubricant, a rust and corrosion protecting, and a long-term penetrant. It can be used on farm equipment as well as other types of vehicles. Fluid Film keeps snow and ice from building up on moving parts, and cleans wire cables and belts. Use it on work boots to help repel water, or to clean battery terminals. Plus, Fluid Film is environmentally friendly, solvent-free, and non-toxic.
    • Superior corrosion protection
    • Apply at desired consistency
    • Eliminate messy over spray
    • Ideal for detailed applications
    • Heavily corroded or frozen parts can be salvaged
    1.04 lbs.
    11 3/4 Oz. (347.49 mL)
    Deere Notes
    Lubricant - FLUID FILM LUB


    624K Loader (PIN: 1DW624K_ _ _D658065-677548)(PIN: 1DW624K_ _ _C658065-677548) Engine 6068HDW79, 6068HDW83 (PC11251)
    624K Loader (S.N. -642634)(Engine 6068HDW79, 6068HDW83)(PC10058)
    644K Loader (PIN: 1DW644K_ _ _C658065-)(PIN: 1DW644K_ _ _D658065-)(engine 6068HDW80, 6067HDW83)(PC11253)
    644K Loaders (S.N. -642443)(Engine 6068HDW80, 6068HDW83)(PC10060)
    724K Loader (PIN: 1DW724K_ _ _C658065-)(PIN: 1DW724K_ _ _D658065-)(engine 6090HDW03, 6090HDW09)(PC11255)
    724K Loader (S.N. -641522)(Engine 6090HDW03, 6090HDW09)(PC10061)
    724K Loader (S.N. 641523-658296)(Engine 6090HDW03, 6090HDW09)(PC10227)
    824K Loader (PIN: 1DW824K_ _ _C641970-664099)(PIN: 1DW824K_ _ _D641970-664099) Engine 6135HDW01, 6135HDW03 (PC10224)
    824K Loader (S.N. -641969) Engine 6135HDW01, 6135HDW03 (PC10063)

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