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    Works great on hundreds of other stains! Quickly and easily removes those stains that are tracked into your car or spilled on the carpet. Just spray the stain with Carpet Stain Remover and blot it up with an absorbent cloth. No rubbing, scrubbing, or vacuuming is necessary. Will even dissipate any odors associated with the stain.

    Formulated specifically as a carpet spotter and is quite effective in the quick removal of stains, regardless of use.
    • Formulated specifically for tough stains on automotive and home carpet, including: Grease Oil Coffee Food Spills Tar Cola Pet Stains Ink Water Stains
    • Contains no CFLs
    • Non-toxic
    • Environmentally friendly
    1.67 lbs.
    18 Oz. (510 g)
    Deere Notes

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