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    18.46 lbs.
    Deere Notes
    Compressor Reman - AC COMPRESSOR, 10PA 24V, REMAN


    250D and 300D Articulated Dump Truck (Davenport S.N. 599286-609165)(Non-Davenport S.N 200366-201811)(PC9107)
    250D Articulared Dump Truck (Series II) (S.N. 626761-642000)(PC10130)
    250D/300D Articulated Dump Truck (Serial Number 609166-626760)(PC10004)
    300D Articulated Dump Truck (Series II) (S.N. 626761-642000)(PC10131)
    444H Loader, TC44H Tool Carrier and 444H LL Log Loader (PC2550)
    444J Loader (S.N. -611274)(PC9338)
    444J Loader (s.n. 611275-)(PC10027)
    444JR Forklift (PC10106)
    444K Loader (S.N. -642100)(Engine 4045HDW54)(PC10055)
    524K Loader (S.N. -642245)(Engine 6068HDW74)(PC10056)
    544H Loader, TC54H Tool Carrier and 544H LL Log Loader (PC2610)
    544J Loader (S.N. -611799)(PC9339)
    544J Loader (S.N. 611800-)(PC10028)
    544K Loader (S.N. -642667)(Engine 6068HDW74)(PC10057)
    624H Loader, TC62H Tool Carrier and 624H LL Log Loader (PC2628)
    624J Loader (S.N. -611796)(PC9340)
    624J Loader (S.N. 611797-)(PC10029)
    624K Loader (S.N. -642634)(Engine 6068HDW79,6068HDW83)(PC10058)
    624KR Loader (PC10059)
    644H Loader (PC2658)
    644J Loader (S.N. -611231)(PC9341)
    644J Loader (S.N. 611232-)(PC10030)
    644K Loader (S.N. -642443)(Engine 6068HDW80, 6068HDW83)(PC10060)
    6870C, 670CH and 672CH C-Series II Graders (s.n. 582130-)(PC2905)
    670C, 670CH and 672CH Motor Graders (s.n. -582129)(PC2548)
    670D and 672D Motor Graders (PC9448)
    670G/670GP Motor Grader (PIN: 1DW670GX_ _C634754-C656728 - PIN: 1DW670GX_ _D634754-D656728)(PC10194)
    670G/670GP Motor Graders (PIN: 1DW670GX_ _C624392-C634753 - PIN: 1DW670GX_ _D624392 - D634753)(PC10100)
    672G/672GP Motor Grader (PIN: 1DW672GX_ _C656729-678817)(PIN: 1DW672GX_ _D656729-678817)(PC11246)
    672G/672GP Motor Grader (PIN: 1DW672GX_ _C634754-C656728 - PIN: 1DW672GX_ _D634754 - D656728)(PC10195)
    672G/672GP Motor Grader (PIN: 1D672GX_ _C624392-C634753 - PIN: 1DW672GX_ _D624392-D634753)(PC10101)
    700J-II Crawler Dozer (PIN: 1BZ700JAJHD000001-)(PC15187)
    700J-II Crawler Dozer (PIN: 1T0700JJ_ _D306726-)(PC15139)
    724J Loader (PC9155)
    724K Loader (S.N. -641522)(Engine 6090HDW03, 6090HDW09)(PC10061)
    744K Loader (S.N. -632967)(Engine 6090HDW06, 6090HDW08)(PC10062)
    750C-II and 850C-II Crawler Bulldozers (S.N. 883332-)(PC2832)
    770C, 770CH and 772CH C-Series II Graders (s.n. 582130-)(PC2906)
    770C, 770CH and 772CH Motor Graders (s.n. -582129)(PC2549)
    770D and 772D Motor Graders (PC9449)
    770G/770GP Motor Grader (PIN: 1DW770GX_ _C634754-C656728 - PIN: 1DW770GX_ _D634754-D656728)(PC10196)
    770G/770GP Motor Grader (PIN: 1DW770GX_ _C624392-C634753 - PIN: 1DW770GX_ _D624392-D634753)(PC10102)
    772G/772GP Motor Grader (PIN: 1DW772GX_ _C634754-C656728 - PIN: 1DW772GX_ _D634754-D656728)(PC10197)
    772G/772GP Motor Graders (PIN: 1DW772GX_ _0624392-0634753)(PIN: 1DW772GX_ _C624392-C634753)(PIN: 1DW772GX_ _D624392-D634753)(PC10103)
    824K Loader (S.N. -641969) Engine 6135HDW01, 6135HDW03 (PC10063)
    844J Loader (PC9391)
    844K Loader (S.N. -642007)(PC10064)
    870D and 872D Motor Graders (PC9450)
    870G/870GP Motor Grader (PIN: 1DW870GX_ _C634754-C656728 - PIN: 1DW870GX_ _D634754-D565728)(PC10198)
    870G/870GP Motor Grader (PIN: 1DW870GX_ _C624392-C634753 - PIN: 1DW870GX_ _D624392-D634753)(PC10104)
    872G/872GP Motor Grader (PIN: 1DW872GX_ _C634754-C656728 - PIN: 1DW872GX_ _D634754-D656728)(PC10199)
    872G/872GP Motor Grader (PIN: 1DW872GX_ _C624392-C634752 - PIN: 1DW872GX_ _D624392-D634753)(PC10105)

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