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    Bio Hy-Gard II hydraulic transmission oil
    Bio Hy-Gard II is a biodegradable, lubricant alternative that is safe on the environment and designed to protect the transmissions, final drives, and hydraulic systems of most farm, industrial and grounds-care machines, including those with wet brakes and clutches.
    • Applications: Forestry, turf care (golf courses/cemeteries), construction, city services (garbage collection/street services), waterway operations, orchards, farming operations.
    • Formulated with canola oil which allows grass and soil to regenerate quicker after spills or leaks with NO residual effects on the environment, such as contamination to soil and groundwater.
    • Canola oil composition reduces friction and wear.
    • Improved oxidation resistance allows machines to operate n hotter temperatures.
    • Fulfills all JDM J2OC requirements.
    • Meet or exceed performance standards and environmental requirements.
    • Cold-start performance: -13o F to 122o F (-25o C to 50o C).
    • 100% compatible with petroleum oils.
    • Environmental requirements: This fluid meets or exceeds the environmental requirements defined by the following tests: OECD 301b Sturm fast biodegradability = 75% OECD 202 = EC50 > 100mg/L CEC L-33-A-93 biodegradability = 94% WGK rating of 1
    55 gal.
    Deere Notes
    Bio Hy-Gard - BIO HY-GARD II OIL (55 GALLON)

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