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    Premium grease. Ideal in rolling-contact applications
    • -15 to 380°F (-26 to 193°C)
    • For high-temperature, extreme-pressure conditions
    • Used for initial lubrication at the factory in U-joints and axle bearings
    • For excellent protection in corrosive and wet conditions
    • Compatible with most other types of grease
    • Excellent for all-purpose applications, especially those requiring a severe-duty grease
    • Service ratings: Equipment manufacturers' extended service intervals -- NLGI grade 2, JDM J13E1, J13E4, J13E5, J25C, and GC-LB
    • Physical properties - Green color (emerald); Polyurea thickened; Paraffinic-base oil with EP and anti-rust additives
    0.52 lbs.
    3 Oz.
    Deere Notes
    Grease - SD POLYUREA GREASE, 3OZ;85G

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