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    Applications- High-temperature and extreme-pressure grease; Heavy-duty, long-lasting grease
    • -15 to 350°F (-26 to 177°C)
    • High-quality grease in heavy-duty applications where lithium greases are recommended or preferred
    • For wheel bearings, universal joints, suspension systems, ball joints, and anti-friction plain bearings
    • Service ratings- Meets equipment manufacturers’ extended service interval; NLGI grade 2; JDM J13C3, J13C3A, and J13C6; GC-LB
    • Physical properties: · Amber color
    • Lithium-complex thickened
    • Formulated to prevent corrosion and water washout
    • Paraffinic-base oil with EP and anti-rust additives
    1 lbs.
    14 Oz. (397 g)
    Deere Notes
    Grease - 14-oz. Tube Multi-Purpose HD Lithium Complex Grease

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