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    Features and benefits:
    · Synthetic with Teflon™; no silicone
    · Premium grease
    · USDA food-grade, rated H-1, non-toxic, odorless
    · Repels dirt, dust and grime
    · Prevents rust and corrosion
    · Water- and saltwater-proof
    · Will not drip, run or evaporate
    · Non-staining
    · GC-LB rating, grade 2 grease
    · “K” certified Kosher product
    · Dielectric grease ideal for sealing, protecting, and insulating electrical components and connectors
    • Applications: · -45°F to 450°F (-42.7°C to 232°C) · Tolerates extremely high and cold operating temperatures · For use around food-processing areas · Farm, construction and commercial equipment – universal joints, wheel bearings, suspension systems, and brake calipers · Marine – inboard/outboard drives, prop shafts · General-purpose – windows, garage doors, hinges, bicycles, shop tools, locks, and many other applications
    .99 lbs.
    14 Oz. (397 g)
    Deere Notes

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