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    • Tube: Black EPDM, Excellent heat resistance
    • Reinforcement: Synthetic fiber
    • Cover: Excellent heat, ozone, and weather resistance
    • SAE 20R4
    • Inside Diameter (small): 0.6250" Inside Diameter (large): 0.6250" Angle (unity): 90.0000 Length: 3.0000" Length: 19.0000" End Length: 0.0000" Radius: 1.0000" Material (alpha): 20R3D2
    0.32 lbs.
    Deere Notes
    Hose - ELBOW, 3" X 90 DEGREE X 19"


    4400 Combine (PC1164)
    5200 and 5400 Forage Harvesters (PC1334)
    5200, 5300, 5400 and 5500 Tractors (PC2332)
    5210, 5310, 5410 and 5510 Tractors (North America Edition)(PC2615)
    540E, 640E, 740E Skidders and 548E, 648E, 748E Grapple Skidders (PC2312)
    540G, 640G, 740G Skidders and 548G, 648G, 748G Grapple Skidders (S.N. -565684)(PC2515)
    540G-II Skidder and 548G-II Grapple Skidder (S.N. 565685-576602)(P2668)
    5440 and 5460 Forage Harvester (PC1601)
    640G-II Skidder and 648G-II Grapple Skidder (S.N. 565685-576602)(PC2669)
    670D and 672D Motor Graders (PC9448)
    690B Excavator (PC1370)
    693B Feller Buncher (Canada)(PC1580)
    693B Feller Buncher (USA)(PC1581)
    748G-II Grapple Skidder (S.N. 565685-576602)(PC2670)
    762B Elevating Scraper (PC2102)
    862B Elevating Scraper (PC2103)
    890 Excavator (PC1616)
    890A Excavator (PC1882)
    990 Excavator (PC1851)

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