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    Self-propelled sprayers are evolving towards higher-flow, higher-pressure solution systems. A heavier hose is used to withstand these higher pressures. These four sizes of 200-psi EPDM hose, in 50-ft. lengths, meet the demands for replacement hose on the newer self-propelled sprayers, as well as other fluid applications.
    • Pkg. qty. 50 ft.
    0.56 lbs.
    Deere Notes
    Bulk Hose - HOSE, AG EPDM SPRAYER, 200PSI 1-IN


    1775NT Narrow Transport 12-Row Planter (S.N. 794101-)(PC16139)
    1775NT Narrow Transport 16-Row Planter (S.N. 760101-794100)(PC12248)
    1775NT Narrow Transport 16-Row Planter (S.N. 794101-)(PC16140)
    4630 Self-Propelled Sprayer (Engine 6068HNW03)(South America Edition)(PC11756)
    DB Series Planter (DB44, DB58, DB60, DB66, DB80, DB88, DB90)(S.N. -755100)(North America Edition)(PC12243)
    DB60 Planter (24 Rows, 30-Inch Spacing)(S.N. 755101-794100)(North America Edition)(PC12614)
    DB60 Planter (36 Rows, 20 Inch Spacing)(S.N. 755101-794100)(PC12616)
    DB60 Split Row Planter (24/47 or 48 Rows, 30/15 Inch Spacing)(S.N. 755101-794100)(PC12615)
    DB66 Planter (36 Row, 22-Inch Spacing)(S.N. 755101-)(North America Edition)(PC12686)

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