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    John Deere fastening parts are designed and manufactured specifically for your machine and the applications you operate in:
    - Designed to the exact specifications your machine needs to ensure long lasting quality and perfromance
    • Inside Dimension: 0.6693" Outside Dimension: 1.3386" Thickness: 0.1575" Material (alpha): 300HV Finish (alpha): T - Zinc Flake
    0.05 lbs.
    Deere Notes


    105K Crawler Dozer (PIN: 1T01050K_ _C268234-)(PC11363)
    Dozer; Mini Excavator; Backhoe; Dump Truck; Loader; Grader; Baler; Tractor; & Combine
    17G Compact Excavator (PIN: 1FF017GX_ _K225001-)(PC11349)
    310L Backhoe Loader (PIN: 1BZ310LA_ _C000001-)(PIN: 1BZ310LA_ _D000001-)(PC11332)
    370E Articulated Dump Truck (PIN: 1DW370E_ _ _C668588-708124)(PIN: 1DW370E_ _ _D668588-708124)(Engine 6135HDW07, 6135HDW13, 6135HDW18)(PC11356)
    370E Articulated Dump Truck (PIN: 1DW370E_ _ _F668588-708124)(Engine 6135HDW12-RE552913)(PC11353)
    410E Articulated Dump Truck (PIN: 1DW410E_ _ _C668589-708124)(PIN: 1DW410E_ _ _D668589-708124)(Engine 6135HDW07, 6135HDW13)(PC11357)
    410E Articulated Dump Truck (PIN: 1DW410E_ _ _F668589-708124)(Engine 6135HDW12-RE552913)(PC11354)
    444 Loader (PC1583)
    444K Loader (PIN: 1DW444K_ _ _D670308-)(Engine 4045HDW54-RE536780)(PC11365)
    444K Loader (PIN: 1DW444K_ _ _F670308-)(Engine 4045HDW57-RE554093)(PC11364)
    449 Round Baler (PC11460)
    459 Silage Special Round Baler (PC11463)
    459 Standard Round Baler (PC11462)
    460E Articulated Dump Truck (PIN: 1DW460E_ _ _C668587-708124)(PIN: 1DW460E_ _ _D668587-708124)(Engine 6135HDW07, 6135HDW13)(PC11358)
    460E Articulated Dump Truck (PIN: 1DW460E_ _ _F668587-708124)(Engine 6135DW12-RE552913)(PC11355)
    469 Premium Round Baler (PC11465)
    469 Round Baler (PC11464)
    469 Silage Special Round Baler (PC11466)
    5005 Tractor (TREM IIIA Engine)(India Edition)(PC13772)
    5075GF Tractor (Engine F5D) IT4/Stage V (Europe Edition)(PC14077)
    5075GN Tractor (Engine F5D) IT4/Stage V (Europe Edition)(PC14080)
    5076 EN Tractor (Worldwide Edition)(PC6166)
    5090E Tractor (South America Edition)(PC11400)
    5090EN Tractor (Worldwide Edition)(PC6167)
    5090GF Tractor (Engine F5D) IT4 (Europe Edition) (PC14078)
    5090GN Tractor (Engine F5D) IT4 (Europe Edition) (PC14081)
    5105GF Tractor (Engine F5D) IT4 (Europe Edition) (PC14079)
    5105GN Tractor (Engine F5D) IT4 (Eurpoe Edition)(PC14082)
    5210 Tractor (TREM IIIA Engine)(India Edition)(PC13121)
    524K Loader (PIN: 1DW524K_ _ _D670308-677548) Engine 6068HDW74 (PC11367)
    524K Loader (PIN: 1DW524K_ _ _F670308-377548) Engine 6068HDW92 (PC11366)
    5440 and 5460 Forage Harvester (PC1601)
    544G Loader (PIN: 1YN544GA_ _ DA00001-)(PIN: 1YN544GA_ _FA00001-)(PC15419)
    544K Loader (PIN: 1DW544K_ _ _D670308-677548) Engine 6068 HDW74 (PC11369)
    544K Loader (PIN: 1DW544K_ _ _F670308-677548) Engine 6068HDW92 (PC11368)
    559 Round Baler (PC11467)
    5600, 5700 Tractor (PCCW33115)
    603R Loader (Worldwide Edition)(PC3295)
    618R Cutting Platform (S.N. 053000-)(Europe Edition)(PC14063)
    620G/620GP Motor Grader (PIN: 1DW620G_ _ _C685731-)(PIN: 1DW620G_ _ _D685731-)(PC15206)
    620R Cutting Platform (S.N. 053000-)(Europe Edition)(PC14064)
    622R Cutting Platform (S.N. 053000-)(Europe Edition)(PC14065)
    6230R Tractor (Europe Edition, Engine SN: 6068UXXXXXX)(Final Tier 4)(MY18-)(PC14094)
    623R Loader (Worldwide Edition)(PC3296)
    6250R Tractor (Europe Edition, Engine SN: 6068UXXXXXX)(Final Tier 4)(MY18-)(PC14095)
    625R Cutting Platform (S.N. 053000-)(Europe Edition)(PC14066)
    630R Cutting Platform (S.N. 053000-)(Europe Edition)(PC14067)
    635R Cutting Platform (S.N. 053000-)(Europe Edition)(PC14068)
    640FD Flex Fraper Platform (North America Edition)(PC10310)
    640L Skidder (PIN: 1DW640LX_ _F666893-)(PC11340)
    643R Loader (Worldwide Edition)(PC3297)
    644 G Loader (PIN: 1BZ644GA_ _LA00001-)(PC15425)
    648L Skidder (PIN: 1DW648LX_ _C666893-)(PC11341)
    6248L Skidder (PIN: 1DW648LX_ _F666893-)(PC11342)
    6620 Combine (PC1666)
    663R Loader (Worldwide Edition)(PC3298)
    670A, 672A, and 670A, 672A (Automatic Blade Cotrol System) Graders (PC1620)
    693B Feller Buncher (Canada)(PC1580)
    693B Feller Buncher (USA)(PC1581)
    743 Tree Harvester and Feller-Buncher (PC1571)
    748L Skidder (PIN: 1DW748LX_ _C666893-)(PC11343)
    748L Skidder (PIN: 1DW748LX_ _F666893-)(PC11344)
    770A/770AH and 772A/772AH (Automatic Blade Control System) Motor Graders (PC1621)
    7720 Combine (PC1667)
    7R 210 Tractor (S.N 110101-)(Worldwide Edition)(PC13635)
    7R 230 Tractor (S.N. 110101-)(Worldwide Edition)(PC13636)
    7R 250 Tractor (S.N. 110101-)(Worldwide Edition)(PC13637)
    7R 270 Tractor (S.N. 110101-)(Worldwide Edition)(PC13638)
    7R 290 Tractor (S.N. 110101-)(Worldwide Edition)(PC13639)
    7R 310 Tractor (S.N 110101-)(Worldwide Edition)(PC13640)
    7R 330 Tractor (S.N. 110101-)(Worldwide Edition)(PC13641)
    844 Loader (PC1631)
    848L Skidder (PIN: 1DW848LX_ _C666893-)(PC11345)
    848L Skidder (PIN: 1DW848LX_ _F666893-)(PC11346)
    855 Crawler Loader (PC1625)
    860B Elevating Scraper (PC1592)
    890 Excavator (PC1616)
    944K Loader (PIN: 1DW944K_ _ _E669456-)(Engine 6135HDW08)(PC11360)
    948L Skidder (PIN: 1DW948LX_ _C666893-)(PC11347)
    948L Skidder (PIN: 1DW948LX_ _F666893-)(PC11348)
    950 Crawler Dozer (PIN: 1T0950K_ _ _C310401-)(PC15154)
    A400 Windrower (PC10311)
    C440R Wrapping Baler (Europe Edition)(PC3293)
    D450 Draper Windrower (Engine 6068HE051)(PC10312)
    E210 Excavator (PIN: 1YNE21A_ _ _D400204-)(Engine: 4045HXU05, 4045HXU04)(PC11373)
    E320LC Excavator (PIN: 1YNE23AL_ _C400201-)(PIN: 1YNE23AL_ _D400202-)(Engine: 4045HXU05, 4045HXU04)(PC11374)
    E240 Excavator (PIN: 1YNE24AL_ _D500178-)(Engine: 6068HXU01, 6068HT087)(PC11375)
    E260LC Excavator (PIN: 1YNE26AL_ _C500201-)(PIN: 1YNE26AL_ _D500201-)(Engine: 6068HXU01, 6068HT087)(PC11376)
    FS50 Felling Head (PC15284)
    L633 Large Square Baler (Europe Edition)(PC13935)
    R450 Self-Propelled Windrower (PC10313)
    Tractor 5060E (South America Edition)(PC13675)
    Tractor 5060EN (South America Edition)(PC13676)
    Tractor 5070E (South America Edition)(PC13677)
    Tractor 5078E (S.N. 300101-)(South America Edition)(PC13680)
    Tractor 5080E (South America Edition)(PC13678)
    Tractor 5080EN (South America Edition)(PC13679)
    Tractor 5090E (S.N. 300101-)(South America Edition)(PC13681)
    V451G Round Baler (Europe Edition)(PC3311)
    V451M Round Baler (Europe Edition)(PC3312)
    V461M Round Baler (Europe Edition)(PC3313)
    W330 Walker Combine (South America Edition)(PC11449)
    Zaxis17U-5N Hitachi Compact Excavator (PIN: HCMABC60_ _0225005-)(PC11350)

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