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    • Diameter: 1.7693" Length: 4.7244" Groover Diameter: 1.3780" Groove Location: 0.4921" Groove Width: 0.2559" Chamfer Degree (alpha): 45/30 Material (alpha): 1045 Finish (alpha): C - Heat Treated and Plated
    3.28 lbs.
    Deere Notes
    Pin - PIN


    450J Crawler Dozer (S.N. 159987-) Engine: 4045HT059,4045HT074 (PC10178)
    450J, 550J and 650J Crawler Dozers (S.N. -159986)(PC9387)
    450K Crawler Dozer (PIN: 1T0450KX_ _F304771-)(PC15105)
    550J Crawler Dozer (Tier 3) (S.N. 159987-)(PC10179)
    550K Crawler Dozer (PIN: 1T0550KK_ _F305398-)(PC15106)
    550K Crawler Dozer (PIN: 1T0550KX_ _E217276-275527) Engine 4045HT070 (PC10240)
    550K Crawler Dozer (PIN: 1T0550KX_ _F275977-303907) Engine 4045HT079 (PC11333)
    650J Crawler Dozer (Tier 3)(S.N. 159987-)(PC10180)
    650K Crawler Dozer (PIN: 1T0650KK_ _F305399-)(PC15107)
    650K Crawler Dozer (PIN: 1T0650KX_ _E216396-275533) Engine 4045HT070 (PC10241)
    650K Crawler Dozer (PIN: 1T0650KX_ _F275978-303837) Egnine 4045HT079 (PC11334)

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