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    Never-Seez is designed to:
    · Eliminate galling
    · Prevent corrosion, galvanic pitting
    · Increase parts life
    · Speed assembly and disassembly
    · Assure consistent torque; stop thread stripping
    · Lubricate even in the presence of moisture
    · Protect and seal gasket
    • Applications: · Manifold gaskets and fastenings · Glow plugs · Cylinder head bolts, studs, plugs, etc. · Pre-combustion chamber and fuel injector nozzles · Front cover plate gasket · Oil pan gaskets · Hydraulic fittings · Brake cables and anchor pins · Tire bolts and nuts · Front idler adjusting screws · Track frame guard elements · Contains no fluorocarbons harmful to the environment · Meets J17A
    8 Oz. (227 g )
    Deere Notes
    ANTI-SEIZE Compund


    3940 and 3960 Forage Harvester (PC1693)
    3950 and 3970 Pull-Type Forage Harvesters (PC1963)
    3975 Pull-Type Forage Harvester (PC10889)
    435 and 535 Round Balers (PC2275)
    447 Round Balers (PC10800)
    448 Round Baler (PC9588)
    457 and 557 Round Balers (North America Edition)(PC2841)
    458 Round Baler (PC10822)
    458 Standard Round Baler (PC10825)
    458S Round Baler (PC10823)
    468 Round Baler (PC10826)
    468S Round Baler (PC10827)
    525, 530 and 535 Mower Conditoners (North America Edition)(PC9422)
    530 Mower Conditioner (Europe Edition)(PC3258)
    535 Mower Conditioner (Europe Edition)(PC3259)
    547 Round Balers (PC10801)
    558 Round Baler (PC10824)
    565, 575 Round Balers (Worldwide Edition)(PC3207)
    568 Round Baler (PC10828)
    570, 580, 590 Round Balers (Europe Edition)(PC3206)
    572, 582, 592 Round Balers (Europe Edition)(PC3221)
    623 Round Baler (Europe Edition)(PC3278)
    625 Mower Conditioner (North America Edition)(PC10829)
    630 Mower Conditioner (North America Edition)(PC10830)
    635 Mower Conditioner (North America Edition)(PC10831)
    644 Round Baler (Europe Edition)(PC3279)
    6650, 6750, 6850 and 6950 Forage Harvesters (Worldwide Edition)(PC4289)
    730 and 735 Mower Conditioners (North America Edition)(PC9471)
    730 Mower Conditioner (Europe Edition)(PC3260)
    735 Mower Conditioner (Europe Edition)(PC3261)
    744 Premium Wrapping Baler (Europe Edition)(PC3246)
    830 Mower Conditioner (North America Edition)(PC10832)
    835 Mower Conditioner (Norht America Edition)(PC10833)
    842 Round Baler (Europe Edition)(PC3242)
    854 Premium Round Balers (Europe Edition)(PC3275)
    864 Premium Round Balers (Europe Edition)(PC3277)
    960 Round Baler (Worldwide Edition)(PC3247)
    990 Round Baler (Worldwide Edition)(PC3248)
    C440R Wrapping Baler (Europe Edition)(PC3293)
    F440M Round Baler (Europe Edition)(PC3291)
    F440R Round Baler (Europe Edition)(PC3292)

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