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    A John Deere exclusive…the only cold weather protection fluid that is specifically formulated to protect the entire wet system of a sprayer. Eliminates risk of frozen and broken pipes, pumps, and valves and the frequent replacement of pumps due to improper winterization
    • Concentrated formulation dilutes easily with water to provide the right amount of protection for every environment. Purchasing a concentrated formula verses a diluted formula also reduces freight and handling costs as well as reduce storage needs
    • Special lubricant additive protects critical, high value sprayer components (pumps, valves, seals, and other replacement parts) from dry storage corrosion and deterioration – for enhanced product life
    • Won't plug nozzles and screens by antagonizing future pesticide tank mixes
    • Reusable – reduces maintenance expenses
    23.25 lbs.
    2-1/2 gal.
    Deere Notes

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