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    This Premium cleaning and polishing cloth is the most versatile cloth you will use. Because of its special non-directional fibers it allows no scratching on virtually any surface. It has superior characteristics compared to micro fiber clothes in that it does not hold on to dirt. Dirt and sand hold to micro fibers causing scratching to the surface. The John Deere All-Purpose Cloth can apply and remove polishes and waxes, and is optical grade so you can clean helmet visors, vehicle/home windows, mirrors, plastic hoods, fenders as well as eyewear. And when it gets dirty just throw it in the wash to use over and over again.
    • Lint free
    • Optical quality
    • No scratching
    • Machine Washable
    • Big size 12-in. x 17-in
    • Better than micro-fiber
    • Re-usable
    • Assembly grade(Ideal for wiping down parts before motor assembly)
    • Ideal for all John Deere cleaning and vehicle care products
    2.33 lbs.
    12" X 17"
    Deere Notes
    Polish - POLISH CLOTH

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