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    227 lbs.
    28" x 23" x 20.5"
    Deere Notes
    Hydraulic Pump Reman - PUMP, MAIN, REMAN


    350 P-tier, Gen-A Excavator (PIN: 1FF350PA_ _F00001-)(PC15428)
    Excavators & Forestry Swing Machines
    350DLC Excavator (PIN: 1FF350DX_ _D805001-)(PC9545)
    350GLC Excavator (PIN: 1F9350GX_ _C808001-)(PIN: 1F9350GX_ _D808001-)(Engine 6090HT006 and 6090HT002)(PC11300)
    350GLC Excavator (PIN: 1FF350GX_ _D808001-)(PIN: 1FF350GX_ _C808001-)(PC10219)
    350GLC Excavator (PIN: 1FF350GX_ _E808001-E809191)(Engine 6090HT010)(PC10205)
    350GLC Excavator (PIN: 1FF350GX_ _F809192-)(Engine 6090HT012)(PC11263)
    3754D Forestry Swing Machine (PIN: 1FF3754D_ _D370169)(PC10109)
    3754G and 3754GLC Forestry Swing Machine (PIN: 1FF3754G_ _D371001-)(PC15036)
    3754G Forestry Swing Macine (PIN: 1FF3754G_ _F371001-)(PC15072)
    3756G and 3756GLC Forestry Swing Machine (PIN: 1FF3756G_ _D376001-)(PC15037)
    3756G Forestry Swing Machine (PIN: 1FF3756G_ _F376001-)(PC15073)
    380 P-Tier, Gen-A Excavator (PIN: 1FF380PA_ _F_00001-)(PC15429)
    380GLC Excavator (PIN: 1FF380GX_ _D900001-)(PC10256)
    280GLC Excavator (PIN: 1FF380GX_ _E900001-)(PC10251)
    380GLC Excavator (PIN: 1FF380GX_ _F900006-)(Engine 6090HT012)(PC11264)
    Zaxis 370F-3 Forester (PC10110)
    ZAXIS350LC-3 Hitachi Excavator (PIN: 1FFASPOX_ _D920001-)(PC9567)
    Zaxis370F-FE-6N and Zaxis370FLC-FE-6N Hitachi Forestry Swing Machine (PIN: 1FFDDR73_ _F371001-)(PC15099)
    Zaxis370F-LL-6N and Zaxis370FLC-LL-6N Hitachi Forestry Swing Machine (PIN: 1FFDDR72_ _F376001-)(PC15100)

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