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    • Inside Diameter or Spline Pitch Diameter: 2.2500" Outside Diameter: 6.4480" Thickness: 0.1280" Finish (alpha): H - Ground & Polished
    • Rotating Ausco parking brake
    0.59 lbs.
    Deere Notes


    444 G-Tier, Gen-A 4WD Loader (PIN: 1BZ444GA_ _D_00001-)(PC15409)
    444H Loader, TC44H Tool Carrier and 444H LL Log Loader (PC2550)
    444J Loader (S.N. 611275-)(PC10027)
    444K Loader (PIN: 1DW444K_ _ _D670308-)(Engine 4056HDW65-RE536780)(PC11365)
    444K Loader (PIN: 1DW444K_ _ _E642101-670307)(Engine 4045HDW56-RE545518,4045HDW58-RE565292)(PC11101)
    444K Loader (PIN: 1DW444K_ _ _F670308-)(Engine 4045HDW57-RE554093)(PC11364)
    444K Loader (S.N. -642100)(Engine 4045HDW54)(PC10055)
    444K Loader (S.N. 642101-670307) Engine 4045HDW54 (PC11100)
    524K Loader (S.N. -642245)(Engine 6068HDW74)(PC10056)
    524K Loader (PIN: 1BZ524KX_ _D000001-) Engine 6068HDW74 (PC11260)
    524K Loader (PIN: 1DW524K_ _ _D670308-677548) Engine 6068HDW74 (PC11367)
    524K Loader (PIN: 1DW524K_ _ _E642246-E670307) Engine 6068HDW84 (PC11103)
    524K Loader (PIN: 1DW524K_ _ _F670308-677548) Engine 6068HDW92 (PC11366)
    524K Loader (S.N. 642246-670307) Engine 6068HDW74 (PC11102)
    524K-II Loader (PIN: 1BZ524KA_ _D001001-) Engine 6068HDW74, 6068HBZ06 (PC15135)
    524K-II Loader (PIN: 1DW524K_ _ _D677549-) Engine 6068HDW74 (PC15090)
    524K-II Loader (PIN: 1DW524K_ _ _F677549-) Engine 6068DW401 (PC15081)
    544J Loader (S.N. 611800-)(PC10028)
    544K Loader (PIN: 1BZ544KX_ _D000001-) Engine 6068HDW74 (PC11261)
    544K Loader (PIN: 1DW544K_ _ _D670308-677548) Engine 6068HDW74 (PC11369)
    544K Loader (PIN: 1DW544K_ _ _E642665-670307) Engine 6068HDW84 (PC11105)
    544K Loader (PIN: 1DW544K_ _ _F670308-677548) Engine 6068HDW92 (PC11368)
    544K Loader (S.N. -642664)(Engine 6068HDW74)(PC10057)
    544K Loader (S.N. 642665-670307) Engine 6068HDW74 (PC11104)
    544K-II Loader (PIN: 1BZ544KA_ _D001001-) Engine 6068HDW74, 6068HBZ06 (PC15136)
    544K-II Loader (PIN: 1DW544K_ _D677549-) Engine 6068HDW74 (PC15091)
    544K-II Loader (PIN: 1DW544K_ _ _F677549-) Engine 6068DW401 (PC15082)
    624H Loader, TC62H Tool Carrier and 624H LL Log Loader (PC2628)
    624J Loader (S.N. -611796)(PC9340)
    624J Loader (S.N. 611797-)(PC10029)
    624K Loader (PIN: 1BZ624K_ _ _C000001-)(PIN: 1BZ624K_ _ _D000001-) Engine 6068HDW83,6068HDW79 (PC11265)
    624K Loader (PIN: 1DW624K_ _ _D658065-677548)(PIN: 1DW624K_ _ _C658065-677548) Engine 6068HDW79, 6068HDW83 (PC11251)
    624K Loader (PIN: 1DW624K_ _ _F658065-677548) Engine 6068HDW87 (PC11252)
    624K Loader (S.N. -642634)(Engine 6068HDW79,6068HDW83)(PC10058)
    624K Loader (S.N. 642635-658064) Engine 6068HDW78 (PC11107)
    624K Loader (S.N. 642635-658064) Engine 6068HDW79,6068HDW83 (PC11106)
    624K-II (PIN: 1BZ624KA_ _C001001-)(PIN: 1BZ624KA_ _D001001-) Engine 6068HDW83,6068HDW79 (PC15137)
    624K-II Loader (PIN: 1DW624K_ _ _D677549-)(PIN: 1DW624K_ _ _C677549-) Engine 6068HDW83, 6068HDW79 (PC15092)
    624K-II Loader (PIN: 1DW624K_ _ _F677549-) Engine 6068HDW96 (PC15083)
    624KR Loader (PC10059)
    643J and 843J Wheeled Feller Bunchers (Worldwide Edition)(PC9420)
    700H Crawler Dozer (PC2793)
    700J (Tier 3) Crawler Dozer (S.N. 139436-)(PC10040)
    700J Crawler Dozer (S.N. -139435)(PC9473)
    700J-II Crawler Dozer (PIN: 1BZ700JAJHD000001-)(PC15187)
    700J-II Crawler Dozer (PIN: 1T0700JJ_ _D306726-)(PC15139)
    700K Crawler Dozer (PIN: 1T0700KX_ _E217278-275435) Engine 6068HT092 (PC10242)
    700K Crawler Dozer (PIN: 1T0700KX_ _F275598-F371295)(PC11335)
    700L Crawler Dozer (PIN: 1T0700LX_ _F383562-)(PC15332)
    700L PL Crawler Dozer (PIN: 1T0700LP_ _F383562-)(PC15370)
    714PR Crawler Dozer (Engine 6068HT066)(Worldwide Edition)(PC10037)
    740,840,643H and 843H Wheel Feller Bunchers (Worldwide Edition)(PC2828)


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