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    • Length: 16.7323" Length: 3.7795" Bend Angle (alpha): 10 Length: 0.0000" Bend Angle (alpha): 25 Size: 0.2480" Finish (alpha): K - Painted
    0.52 lbs.
    Deere Notes
    Wiper Arm - WIPER ARM


    240 and 250 Skid-Steer Loaders (PC2690)
    260 and 270 Skid-Steer Loaders (PC2691)
    280 Skid Steer (PC2688)
    313 Skid Steer (PC10154)
    315 Skid Steer (PC10155)
    317 and 320 Skid Steers (PC9347)
    325 and 328 Skid Steers (PC9348)
    332 Skid Steer (PC9349)
    5055E Tractor (Cab: -1PY5055EEHJ402100)(OOS: -1PY5055ECHJ103800)(FT4)(North America Edition)(PC11984)
    5055E Tractor (Cab: 1PY5055EEHJ402101-)(OOS: 1PY5055ECHJ103801-)(FT4)(North America Edition)(PC13109)
    5065E Tractor (Cab: -1PY5065EKHJ401900)(OOS: -1PY5065EPHJ103300)(FT4)(North America Edition)(PC11985)
    5065E Tractor (Cab: 1PY5065EKHJ401901-)(OOS: 1PY5065EPHJ103301-)(FT4)(North America Edition)(PC13110)
    5075E Tractor (Cab: -1PY5075EPHJ402100)(OOS: -1PY5075ECHJ103100)(FT4)(North America Edition)(PC11986)
    5075E Tractor (Cab: 1PY5075EPHJ402101-)(OOS: 1PY5075ECHJ103101-)(FT4)(North America Edition)(PC13111)
    CT315 Compact Track Loader (PC10112)
    CT322 Compact Track Loader (PC9492)
    CT332 Compact Track Loader (PC9493)

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