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    The TK-Series System is engineered to deliver maximum performance, quick and safe replacement, and superior tooth retention.
    • No hammers and no pry bars. You just need a socket or breaker bar wrench to install and remove the retention pinfor quicker, safer tooth replacement.
    • Multi-planed nose surfaces and matching pocket surfaces absorb loads from any angle, minimizing motion for longer system life
    • Optimized tooth-to-nose-length ratio for better penetration and performance
    • Symmetrical design allows teeth to be fipped, with pin retention from either side for longer tooth life
    • – Forged pin is never under load except during back-dragging, and the rubber locks are not compressed when the pin is locked for long life and the rare need for replacement at change-outs
    • – Rubber locks are held captive when the tooth is retained for security and protection from direct impact
    3.52 lbs.
    Deere Notes
    Tooth - 225 SERIES TOOTH


    190DW Wheeled Excavator (PC10049)
    190E Excavator (PC2375)
    190GW Excavator (PIN: 1FF190GW_ _E051001-)(PC11309)
    200CLC Excavator (PC2897)
    200DLC Excavator (PIN: 1FF200DX_D510001-)(PC10015)
    210G and 210GLC Excavators (PIN: 1F9210GX_ _C520001-)(PIN: 1F9210GX_ _D520001-)(PC11221)
    210G and 210GLC Excavators (PIN: 1FF210GX_ _C520001-)(PIN: 1FF210GX_ _D520001-)(PC10255)
    210GLC Excavator (PIN: 1FF210GX_ _E520001-)(PC10247)
    210GLC Excavator (PIN: 1FF210GX_ _F521988-)(PC11359)
    220DW Wheeled Excavator (PC10048)
    225DLC Excavator (PC10016)
    230CLC Excavator (PC2898)
    230GW Excavator (PIN: 1FF230GW_ _E061001-)(PC11310)
    240DLC Excavator (PIN: 1FF240DX_ _D605001-)(PC9543)
    250G Excavator (PIN: 1FF250GX_ _C611620-)(PC15392)
    250GLC Excavator (PIN: 1F9250GX_ _C608001-)(PIN: 1F9250GX_ _D608001-)(Engine: 6068HT082-RE559031, 6068HT062-RE559032)(PC11223)

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