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    John Deere power rakes are perfect for landscape tasks such as seedbed preparation, rock raking, site development, and more.
    • Adjustable end plates enable the power rake for double duty as a box scraper, trapping and gathering stones for piling and pickup.
    • Long-life carbide teeth on the roller dig, lift, and pulverize dirt.
    • Heavy-duty drive chain is housed in a sealed oil bath to reduce maintenance.
    • Power rake roller assemblies can rotate 20 degrees from center in either direction, allowing material to be moved left or right (requires 12-volt kit).
    • Forward and backward raking capability halves the time required for seedbed preparation.
    • Ranking Width - 62 in. (1575 mm)
    • Length - 59 in. (1499 mm)
    • Min. Hydraulic Flow - 49 L/min. (13 gpm)
    Weight - 938 lb. (425 kg)


    316GR; 318G
    Skid Steers; Compact Track Loaders


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