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    Front roller position offers unobstructed visibility and provides total control when contouring, grading, cutting, and smoothing flat or significantly sloped terrain.
    • Front and rear cutting edges make quick work of tough site-prep and grading tasks. Use either or both edges to spread loose material and for quickly cutting or scraping hard-pack without disturbing the base below.
    • Roller pulverizes clumps and clods for a smoother finish in loose soil
    • Designed for minimal maintenance and maximum uptime, with only two greaseable bearings, two replaceable cutting edges, and no hydraulics.
    • Use either front or rear cutting edge or both to spread loose materials or scrap hard-pack without cutting the base.
    • Overall Width - 1886 mm (74.3 in.)
    • Box Width - 1676 mm (66 in.)
    Weight - 557 kg (1,229 lb.)


    330G; 332G; 317G, 325G, 331G, 333G
    Skid Steers; Compact Track Loaders

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