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    Make long days feel shorter with the most comfortable cab available
    John Deere 700L dozer cab interior John Deere 700L dozer cab interior
    John Deere 700L cab with optional premium seat John Deere 700L cab with optional premium seat

    Looking for ways to retain skilled operators? All L-Series dozers provide a quiet, comfortable ride with precise control, and convenience that is even better than previous John Deere cabs. Operators will appreciate improved visibility with clear sight lines to the blade corners and around the machine.


    • Get unmatched visibility - The 700L has a 17 percent larger operator station focused on enhanced visibility and comfort has 16 percent more glass area, 14 percent larger doors, and a streamlined hood profile, providing exceptional visibility to the blade and jobsite.
    • Premium cab options – Long days won’t seem so long with the leather-accented air suspension seat with heat and ventilation or automatic temperature control. Improve situational awareness with the rearview camera.
    • Re-designed joysticks – New ergonomic joystick grips fit comfortably in the operators’ hands and include proportional blade angle control. Hydraulic response is customizable and can be fine-tuned to match the application and operator preference.
    • Reduced noise - Cab noise is reduced 50 percent in the 700L compared to the previous series. Viscous cab mounts improve the ride quality and aid in the noise reduction.
    Uptime and reliability are key
    John Deere 700L Dozer John Deere 700L Dozer

    Uptime on a jobsite is not demanded, it is expected. Ensuring you have reliable equipment, and the support of your local John Deere dealer is important. A key focus on John Deere’s L-Series dozers is to advance reliability and improve uptime of our machines.


    • Efficiently routed – The redesigned mainframe of the 700L optimizes hose and harness routings for hydraulic and electrical components. This reduces harness and hose rub points to keep your machine running longer.
    • Unbeatable service access – The 700L features large service door openings for easy access to periodic maintenance points and main components.
    • Keep daily maintenance simple – Enjoy easy access to all daily maintenance checks. A periodic maintenance chart is also located inside the rear service door. This color-coded chart displays maintenance intervals and refill capacities for maintenance items.
    Reliable, easy, and customizable
    John Deere 700L Dozer John Deere 700L Dozer

    The John Deere hydrostatic system makes operation simple and gives you the confidence to conquer any task. For unmatched durability, each track has its own independent hydrostatic pump and motor while the blade and ripper functions have their own independent hydraulic pump. This system allows you to tailor both transmission and hydraulic operating characteristics to your desired preference.

    • Constant power to both tracks - Allows operators to carry heavy loads through turns and counter-rotate both while in gear and in neutral.
    • Does not sacrifice performance - The operator can independently control hydraulic and transmission functions without sacrificing hydraulic speed.
    • More work, less service - Hydraulic and hydrostatic oil change intervals have doubled from the previous series, now 4,000 hours.
    Move more yards, more efficiently
    John Deere 700L Dozer John Deere 700L Dozer

    You want the ability to move more yards of material per gallon of fuel burned, even in the toughest conditions. With L-Series crawlers, increased horsepower boosts efficiency, allowing the operator to move more material per pass and cover more area throughout the workday.


    • More horsepower means more pushing power - The horsepower of 700L was increased to 100 kW (135 hp), compared to the previous series (700K) 96.9 kW (130 hp).
    • Decreased fuel consumption - Along with added horsepower, the 700L fuel consumption was improved by 4.5 percent compared to the previous series for reduced operating costs and increased efficiency
    Horsepower (Y-axis) comparison of K-Series and L-Series Dozers (X-axis) Horsepower (Y-axis) comparison of K-Series and L-Series Dozers (X-axis)
    Precise technology options to conveniently meet specifications
    John Deere 700L and 850L Dozers with SmartGrade™ technology John Deere 700L and 850L Dozers with SmartGrade™ technology
    John Deere SmartGrade display John Deere SmartGrade display

    Looking for a return on your investment? Look no further. John Deere L-Series dozers have technology options that will increase productivity, allowing you to get to grade faster with fewer passes. John Deere precision construction technology enables operators to make accurate grading passes while significantly reducing re-work. The best part? Our machine technology can be upgraded at any time, from entry-level to advanced, know you have the flexibility to upgrade when the time is right.

    • Standard EH Controls – makes it feasible to add on any kind of grade control system
    • Slope Control – An entry-level grade control system that assists operators in grading smooth, planer surfaces. Slope control allows the operator to view and set blade slope while the system automatically controls the blade to maintain the desired slope. This technology enables an easy upgrade path to a SmartGrade system. Slope Control can be installed via upgrade kit on all existing L-Series dozers.
    • SmartGrade - John Deere’s fully integrated 3D GNSS grade control system. SmartGrade integrates harnesses and components into the machine for added convenience, making external masts or harnesses a thing of the past. The enhanced feature set of Auto SmartGrade enables novice operators to push more material each pass. SmartGrade can be installed via upgrade kit on all existing L-Series dozers.
      • SmartGrade Remote Support – New to SmartGrade? Looking for improved support capabilities? L-Series SmartGrade dozers come standard equipped with both remote display access and wireless data transfer. Grant support access to anyone within your company or local dealer.
        • Remote Display Access – Remotely view and control the SmartGrade display to easily troubleshoot issues and train operators.
        • Wireless Data Transfer – Wirelessly transfer files such as project files and updates to 3D models both to and from the machine.









    Slope Control (optional)








    SmartGrade (optional)








    Slope Control and SmartGrade model availability

    *Slope Control and SmartGrade options are only available with PAT blade configurations.



    Engine Manufacturer
    John Deere
    Engine Model
    PowerTech PVS 6068
    Displacement, ltr (Inches³)
    6.8 (414)
    Rated Speed, rpm
    Engine Output - Net, kW (hp)
    101 (135)
    Transmission Type
    Speeds Mode 1 - Forward
    Speeds Mode 1 - Reverse
    Final Drive
    Triple Reduction
    Track Rollers
    Shoe - Pitch, mm (inches)
    191 (7.5)
    Shoe - Type
    Single Grouser - Moderate Service
    Ground Contact Area, cm² (Inches²)
    44201 (6851)
    Number Of Shoes


    Height - Max, mm (ft/in)
    3138 (10 ft 4 in)
    Ground Clearance, mm (inches)
    387 (15.2)
    Track Length - On Ground, mm (ft/in)
    2615 (8 ft 7 in)
    Length - PAT Blade Straight, mm (ft/in)
    4906 (16 ft 1 in)
    Track Gauge, mm (ft/in)
    1981 (6 ft 6 in)
    Blade - Width, mm (ft/in)
    3077 (10 ft 1 in)
    Blade - Dig Depth, mm (inches)
    536 (21)
    Blade - Tilt, mm (ft/in)
    426 (1 ft 5 in)
    Steering - Differential


    Fuel Tank, ltr (gallons (US))
    262 (69.2)
    Blade - Capacity, m³ (yd³)
    3.6 (4.8)


    Speed - Forward Maximum, kph (mph)
    8.9 (5.5)
    Speed - Reverse Maximum, kph (mph)
    8.9 (5.5)
    Ground Bearing Pressure, kPa (PSI)
    32.1 (4.66)
    Implement Pump - Type
    Implement Pump - Flow, lt/min (gallons (US) / min)
    95 (25)
    Implement Pump - Pressure, bar (PSI)
    220.63 (3200)


    Operating Weight, kg (lbs)
    14489 (31943)

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